Pay What You Want: 15-Page Special Report

15-Pages of Incredible Research

A couple years ago, the blockbuster band Radiohead offered their new album for the price “Pay What You Want”. In an effort to experiment with new business models as the web continues to transition, we are offering you our Special Report: Macro Update for whatever you feel like paying.

We’ve set the bar at a $2 minimum (if you donate less, the report will not be sent). If you enjoy our site on a regular basis and want to continue to fuel our growth, please consider donating more. We have a ton of new developments in the works, and your support will greatly help us deliver them to you sooner.

If we were to charge for this 15-page report, we’d ask $29.95 … but for this special occasion, anything above $1.99 will do. Simply click on the “Donate” button below, choose what you want to donate, update your total, process your card (see below) or account, and your report will be on the way.

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Damien & Derek Hoffman

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