Starbucks MULLS Changes and 2 HOT Stocks to Watch

As customers demand cheaper coffee options, coffee roasters are forced to use more robusta beans in place of the higher-priced arabica for the first time in four years. This could still be profitable for Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) provided demand is consistent and it decides to change its product recipes to fall in line with the industry trend.

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Insurance holding company SeaBright Holdings (NYSE:SBX) is acquired by insurance consultancy Enstar Group (NASDAQ:ESGR) for about $249 million in cash. This equates to $11.11 per share, which is a 34 percent premium on the Monday close of Seabright Holdings.

Independent energy company Stratex Oil & Gas (STTX) offers $124 million in cash and stock, equivalent to $2.30 a share, for gas and exploration company Magellan Petroleum (NASDAQ:MPET). The offered price is a whopping 137 percent premium on Magellan’s Friday close.

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