Starbucks Says Guns are ‘Unwelcome,’ Tesla Shoots for Car Autonomy, and 3 More Hot Stocks

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX): Starbucks has said that guns are no longer welcome inside of its outlet stores, though it came just short of banning them altogether. Starbucks found itself between a rock and the hard place on one of the most contentious issues in American politics, and the company appears to be trying to strike a neutral arrangement in the wake of another mass shooting.


Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA): CEO Elon Musk says that Tesla will develop a near fully autonomous car within three years, and sees the concept as allowing 90 percent of the driving function to be handled through an on-board computer system. The self-driving car would be developed in-house, using Tesla’s own technology and not that of another company’s, Musk said. If successful, the new technology could have profound IP implications further down the road, when other players enter the ring.


General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE): GE has named GE Oil & Gas CEO Dan Heintzelman as its vice chariman, where he will now focus on services and operations. Lorenzo Simonelli will replace Heintzelman as CEO of Oil & Gas, and Russell Stokes will take Simonelli’s place as the lead for GE Transportation.

GEE-20130918 (NYSE:CRM):  Salesforce and cloud human resources software provider Workday (NYSE:WDAY) say they plan to “integrate the entire Salesforce and Workday product lines,” tying the latter’s HR, financial, and analytics software into Salesforce’s products, while Salesforce will integrate Workday’s apps into its various offerings. The companies are confident the deal will allow app users to build apps using Workday data, and Workday app users to directly import Salesforce data.


MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM): Stifel expects MGM to see more gains, spurred by favorable trends in both Macau and Las Vegas. Stifel also believes that MGM’s balance sheet issues are clearing up as cash flows and debt repayments get better; MGM’s leverage ratio is also down considerably.


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