15 Startups That Might Be the Next Google Maps or Strava

The ever-changing tides of technology have brought massive waves of innovation to everyone’s lives, and usually it’s all thanks to brilliant minds that thrive outside the normal thinking box. Bloomberg, with the help of market researcher Quid, assembled the top 50 most promising startups in the world. Of those 50 startups, quite a few have amassed an impressive amount of venture capitalist dollars to propel their work forward. The following 15 startups focus on everything from preventing accidents involving self-driving cars to keeping your online information safe, and their products could be the next big thing in tech.

1. Quanergy Systems


Quanergy’s sensors are designed for self-driving cars. | Quanergy via Facebook

  • Capital raised: $134.5 million
  • Product: Autonomous driving, image recognition, and mapping technologies

The wave of the future is being paved through Quanergy Systems‘ LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors. Seemingly endless possibilities await the implementation of these sensors. For one, Quanergy’s sensors enable autonomous driving. The Sunnyvale, California, startup believes 80% of traffic accidents would be prevented through the use of the LiDAR technology. Beyond street vehicles, the technology could be used on drones to deliver packages, survey land, and create mapping solutions.

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2. Meta

Meta glasses

You’re basically in a sci-fi movie. | Meta via Facebook

  • Capital raised: $99 million
  • Product: Augmented reality

It’s ridiculous to see how far tech has come since, let’s say, Steve Jobs hit the forefront. Meta began back in the dorm room of CEO and co-founder Meron Gribetz at Columbia University. The computer science and neuroscience student had an idea that could transform the way design works for the future. Venture capitalists and businesses, such as Nike and Lenovo, have gotten behind Meta. Imagine putting on a pair of fancy goggles that allow you to use holograms to design the next top-performing Nike shoe. That’s what Meta has created — no computer screen necessary.

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3. Shape Security

Social Security identity thief

Shape Security is here to protect your online information. | blyjak/iStock/Getty Images

Everyone feels their personal information is at risk of being hacked. Because of that, investors are thrilled to put their money toward technology that could prevent those sorts of breaches. Shape Security, out of Mountain View, California, has designed a security system that is capable of defending against large-scale cyberattacks. The defense software is able to evolve by collecting data from attackers. Not only does this protect massive databases, but it can also be applied to mobile apps.

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4. Omada Health

Omada Health

It will give you personalized tips to get your health on track. | Omada Health via Facebook

  • Capital raised: $77 million
  • Product: Chronic disease prevention program

Omada’s tagline is “healthy habits for life.” Here’s what happening: If you suffer from chronic disease or are heading in that direction, you can sign up with Omada. The startup will send you a wireless smart scale linked to your online account. Once you get on that scale, you’ll begin your journey toward health. Through becoming accountable, having support, and learning how to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ll be a part of a community of people just like yourself — working toward your goal of healthy, happy living.

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5. Airware

Airware Drone

These drones aren’t for amateurs. | Airware via Facebook

It seems like you can’t take a walk through the park without feeling like you’re going to be whacked in the head by an amateur drone flyer. Airware isn’t for amateurs. Collecting data has never been more thorough and intuitive until now. Airware allows clients to fly drones for a purpose. The startup “turns aerial data into business intelligence,” enabling the client to gather useful data they can use to better productivity, safety, and efficiency.

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6. Remind


Get reminded about the important things. | Remind via Facebook

  • Capital raised: $59.5 million
  • Product: Digitization of education

As convenient as email may be, it’s starting to phase out due to platforms, such as Remind. Instead of endless emails among students, teachers, and parents, Remind is a messaging platform that enables everyone involved in the education process to quickly connect. Whether the professor needs to inform students of a classroom change or a parent needs to connect with a teacher because a child is sick, Remind makes this communication easier than it has ever been.

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7. Kahuna

Kahuna App

Kahuna helps businesses make sales. | Kahuna

  • Capital raised: $58.3 million
  • Product: Artificial intelligence in multi-platform marketing

In the marketing world, sifting through endless engagement data can become tedious and overwhelming. Kahuna takes away the guesswork for marketers. How does it work? Kahuna understands consumers by tracking their behaviors via their mobile devices and the internet. Additionally, the startup uses artificial intelligence and cross-channel messaging to better target consumers with personalized messaging, increasing engagement. Because businesses are able to see what is working and what isn’t, marketing efforts become more effective.

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8. Doppler Labs

wireless headphones

These earbuds are more than they appear. | Here One

  • Capital raised: $58 million
  • Product: Smart sensors, smart earbuds

Doppler Labs produced the first three-in-one wireless earbuds known as Here One. So what’s the big idea? The earbuds are smart and wireless. You can take phone calls and listen to music completely wirelessly. And you can control the volume of the sounds around you, making these puppies the ultimate noise canceler. The third feature is the speech enhancement, which allows the user to amplify speech through the headphones. The ear buds sell for $299.

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9. Treasure Data

Treasure Data

Treasure Data will help businesses analyze data. | Treasure Data via Facebook

The incessant sifting of raw data for your business is a thing of the past with Treasure Data‘s platform. The startup’s mission is to simplify that process through “helping you harness and analyze the information you need to create a data-driven enterprise.” By enabling over 20 countries to do business seamlessly, this global enterprise allows businesses around the world to use technology to provide a better value to their customers.

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10. NewStore


It bridges the gap between online and physical shopping. | NewStore via Facebook

A day of shopping has never been more smooth. NewStore has created the Order Cloud. In this hybrid between online and physical shopping, customers are able to purchase by a single touch, turning a storefront into a virtual stockroom. If a customer chooses in-store pickup, it alerts an associate to have the product ready. The increase of customer-associate relations enables the associate to better tend to customers’ needs. What’s even more convenient is associates can use the ease of Amazon’s delivery service to get products to customers — even if you’re out for dinner.

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11. Wickr


Wickr makes sure your sensitive data isn’t accessible. | Wickr

  • Capital raised: $51.4 million
  • Product: Online security and fraud protection

The hustle and bustle of the business world requires an enormous amount of private, sensitive, and important information to be moved around through phone calls, emails, and database platforms. While storing the information on the Cloud seems sensible, it also is risky. With Wickr, businesses are able to manage what they need by encrypting the sensitive information and discarding the rest. The all-in-one platform allows a business to choose when it would like certain information to expire. Everything else is protected in such a way that even Wickr can’t access it.

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12. Signifyd


It makes sure your business is free from fraudsters. | Signifyd

  • Capital raised: $50.4 million
  • Product: Online security and fraud protection for e-commerce

Fraud protection is crucial for your business, and that’s where Signifyd comes in. With Signifyd, you have options for how you’d like to keep an eye out for fraudsters. As a business, you can manage your e-commerce, or you can let Signifyd simply do it all for you. The startup’s software can be integrated into your API or kept separate. You choose.

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13. Mapillary


It could pave the way for autonomous cars. | Mapillary via Facebook

  • Capital raised: $9.5 million
  • Product: Image recognition and mapping technologies

Google Maps might have some stiff competition with Mapillary. What is it? It’s a street-level, photo-based mapping service that allows its users to integrate their photos into the system. Mapillary uses the photos and videos submitted by users to construct 3D imagery. So far, users from all around the world have submitted over 170 million images, making the vision for futuristic mapping a reality.

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14. Naritiv


It’s ideal for social media influencers. | Naritiv

  • Capital raised: $7.1 million
  • Mobile retail: Snapchat marketing

Its purpose is pretty straightforward: connecting Snapchat influencers with brands that are looking for a good fit for a marketing campaign. Beyond being the matchmaker, Naritiv also allows these companies to see the metrics behind their campaigns. This helps to determine whether the dollars spent are actually worth it. Hootsuite recently made a deal for Naritiv’s Snapchat analytics tool. Now, the company has moved on to working with Instagram and has partnered with DJ Khaled to launch WeBuyGold, a music-focused lifestyle brand creating content for Instagram.

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15. EyeVerify


It’s James Bond-worthy protection. | EyeVerify via Facebook

  • Capital raised: $6 million
  • Product: Eye authentication

Instead of using a fingerprint to identify yourself, EyeVerify created an eye print ID. It’s pretty straightforward. Using a smartphone’s selfie camera, a user allows the camera to authenticate via an eye scan. The primary identification is made through the blood vessels visible in the white of a human’s eyeball. What’s the beauty of this? No more passwords and overall efficiency. It’ll be interesting to see whether this catches on.

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