Stormy Daniels Is Making a Lot More Money Since Revealing Her Donald Trump Affair

In early 2018, the adult film industry welcomed a new celebrity: Stormy Daniels, the alleged 2006 mistress of President Donald Trump. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, went from well-known adult film star to a household name overnight.

With great media attention comes even greater paychecks, it seems. Various businesses have profited from Daniels’ fame, and she herself has made money since revealing the affair. We’ll discuss the ways Daniels is making money, what she and her team report she’s making (page 7) and the money experts say she’s bringing in (page 8).

1. The initial ‘hush’ payoff

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

  • An alleged $130,000 from Michael Cohen

Several news outlets were prepared to pay for Stormy Daniels’ claim of an affair with Donald Trump in 2006. However, Daniels opted to take a six-figure payment from Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, in exchange for her silence on the matter.

It’s still undetermined if Daniels intends to pay Cohen back the money, however, the senior editor for AVN told Forbes he believes she has already made that money back, if not more.

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2. Late night television appearances

Stormy Daniels on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Stormy Daniels on Jimmy Kimmel Live! | ABC

  • Daniels may have received a stipend for appearing on late night shows
  • Late night TV exposure helped spread Daniels’ story

Daniels appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in January. Guests on late night shows such as Kimmel’s occasionally receive a stipend for their time as well as all of their demands met backstage. Whether or not she received any compensation for her time, the show experienced a 17% ratings bump for her episode, acting as free promotion for Daniels herself.

The adult film star connected further with the American public by portraying herself during a cold open sketch on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

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3. 60 Minutes appearance

Stormy Daniels and Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes

Stormy Daniels and Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes | CBS

  • Similar to her late night appearances, Daniels raised ratings for the talk show

Pornhub’s search numbers for Stormy Daniels skyrocketed after her 60 Minutes appearance to a staggering 492%, drawing in serious traffic for both the site and her films. Daniels acknowledged the increase in her earning power, telling Anderson Cooper, “Yes, I’m getting more job offers now.”

Still, Daniels continues to assert she didn’t reveal her affair in order to profit from it. “… I didn’t do this for the money as proven by the fact that I could have sold my 60 Minutes interview for approximately $1 million but didn’t,” she wrote to Forbes.

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4. Stormy Daniels’ tour

Stormy Daniels

Daniels has appeared at clubs across the U.S.| Ethan Miller/Getty Images

  • Daniels poked at Trump’s campaign slogan with her aptly named “Make America Horny Again” tour
  • Little Darlings club in Las Vegas reportedly paid $75,000 for a Daniels show

Daniels is taking her show on the road in 2018 with more performances than ever before. While touring in the form of dancing at clubs nationwide is a common source of finances for porn stars, experts anticipate Daniels will make more than the typical “low to mid four figures.”

Danny Capozzi, a booking agent for Daniels, said she’s “pretty much  booked up for the rest of the year,” adding that “at minimum, her rate has doubled.” Her tour schedule, which has tripled her past bookings, includes a weekend at West Palm Beach’s Ultra Lounge, notably only three miles from Mar-a-Lago.

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5. Hosting the XBIZ awards

Stormy Daniels in Las Vegas at an awards show

She’ll host the 2019 XBIZ Awards. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

  • Daniels will garner more name recognition and make a few thousand dollars for hosting

It isn’t the Tony’s, the Oscar’s, or the Emmy Awards by any means, but Daniels still made headlines when she and the XBIZ Awards announced she’d host in 2019. The awards are the “grand finale” of the annual XBIZ Los Angeles trade show.

Stormy called hosting “such a huge honor” and claimed she’s “already brainstorming ways to make the show extra amazing.” Her typical fee these days runs from $5,000 to $20,000, so we anticipate she’ll make somewhere in that range just for showing up.

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6. She recently renegotiated her film contract

Stormy Daniels Adult video awards

Daniels has signed with Digital Playground. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

  • Daniels left Wicked Pictures for Digital Playground
  • She likely makes $1,000 per scene in addition to her negotiated salary

Daniels was under contract as a performer and director with Wicked Pictures, an adult film studio, from 2002 until early 2018. She signed with Digital Playground, one of the industry’s “most prominent and successful companies” shortly after news broke of her alleged affair with Trump.

When asked why Daniels didn’t renew with Wicked, the company told Forbes she received an offer “that was financially better for her.”

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7. She claims she isn’t making significantly more money

Michael Avenatti, attorney for Stephanie Clifford, also known as adult film actress Stormy Daniels

Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti says she isn’t making that much more money because of the extra publicity. | Mario Tama/Getty Images

  • Stormy Daniels’ lawyer doesn’t think the estimates are accurate
  • He claims the publicity has delivered less than $20,000 additional net income

According to Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels now requires security that costs “several thousands of dollars a weekend” as a result of her newfound notoriety. He also claimed her net income hasn’t risen over $20,000 more than it was before news of the affair broke.

Daniels herself weighed in on her income. “While there has certainly been an increase in the money I receive from various appearances, it really hasn’t been a lot of money. And what I have gone through and the toll it has taken have not been worth it from a money perspective,” she wrote in an email to Forbes.

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8. Industry experts think her earnings will double in 2018

Stormy Daniels autographs a photo during a fan meet and greet at Chi Chi LaRue's

Daniels greets fans at an event in May 2018. | Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

  • Experts predict Daniels makes $5,000 to $20,000 for standard appearances
  • The longer the media covers Daniels, the more she’ll profit
  • They think her low six-figure salary will double

Based on the above factors — her new film deal, her tours, and her increased club bookings — experts in the adult film industry anticipate Daniels’ earnings will nearly double in 2018. Daniels can now charge double what she did for appearance fees, admittedly signed a more lucrative contract, and is still hosting events and making appearances on TV.

“The longer this drags on, the more money she makes,” an XBIZ publisher told Forbes. “And I think her fame will pay dividends for the rest of her life.”

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