The Craziest Ways People Save Money

We all know love makes people do crazy things, but the lengths people will go to in order to save a few pennies here and there might be even crazier. Considering the average American household is $132,000 in debt, learning a few money-saving tips couldn’t hurt. The nation’s savviest penny pinchers aren’t afraid to go to extremes to cut corners. Although some tips might require swallowing your pride, many also help reduce environmental waste. The following money-saving tips might seem strange, but they actually work.

1. Keep a pitcher close to the sink

woman's hand pours water from a pitcher into a glass

All tap water can be put to use somewhere. |

Instead of wasting water while you’re waiting for your tap to turn hot, collect the cold water in a pitcher. You can use it later to drink, cook, or water your plants.

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