Sunday Night Football Commands Highest Ad Spot Fee

nbc sunday night footballWonder what it costs to have your product or service attached to modern gladiators under stadium lights? Ad Age reports this year NBC’s Sunday Night Football took in an average $339,700 to capture a 30-second share of consumer attention (-21.8% year-over-year).

Other top eyeball magnets included Grey’s Anatomy ($240,462/30-seconds) and Desperate Housewives ($228,851/30-seconds). On the flip side, you can reach consumers in between Jay Leno jokes for between $48,803 and $65,678 depending on the night of the week.

This year’s rate drops were expected “With the economy weighing on marketers’ ability to spend.” However, my contacts on Madison Avenue say some firms are starting to spend again and others will soon follow suit as the fear of being left behind spreads to Mad Men like H1N1.

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