Super-Rich People Who Left Practically Nothing for Their Family

Most of us would do anything for our families, including spotting them some cash in times of trouble. But, as we know, rich celebrities live in a different world entirely. So when it comes to allocating their fortunes, some cashed-up richies — both dead and alive — are opting to bequeath their money to charities, other people, and beloved pets instead.

These people have penned wills that make it clear: Their offspring are getting zilch. Call it cruel, call it vindictive, call it a lesson in tough love. But one thing’s for sure, these 15 rich celebrities are leaving their families with nothing.

1. Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis attends the Telethon.

His first six children are all out of luck. | AFP/Getty Images

Rather than pass his massive estate to his six kids born with his first wife, Jerry Lewis’s will noted the inheritance should be given to his second wife, SanDee Pitnick, according to The Blast. His adopted daughter, Danielle, is next in line should something happen to Pitnick.

The comedian’s relationship with his children and first wife Patti Palmer became non-existent upon his second marriage and the documents show Lewis “intentionally excluded” all six children from the estate. Unfortunately, this final act of pettiness means the Lewis kids should expect a big goose egg from dad moving forward.

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