Superman Falls in Love with IHOP

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Man of Steel arrives in theaters this weekend, and it is expected to be one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters. The film features many big-name actors and actresses, especially one who mostly everyone is familiar with. He goes by the name of Superman.

Though we’ll have to see the movie before we can report whether Superman successfully saves the day yet again, a story from Bloomberg explains that regardless of who comes out on top in the movie, Superman has already effectively been able to give some people (or brands) a lift, and he has done it in the way of promotional partnerships.

Moviegoers should expect to recognize three big names in the summer’s blockbuster: IHOP (NYSE:DIN), Sears Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SHLD), and Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK).

Now proceed with caution in case you don’t want us to spoil Superman’s mother’s profession, where he gets his mobile device, or where his epic battle scene takes place.


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The International House of Pancakes especially gets a significant amount of face-time in the film as it is not only the location of a battle between Superman and General Zod’s sidekick, but it is also the establishment that eventually employs Superman’s boyhood bully. Zing.

IHOP’s contractual agreement with Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) will no doubt prove to be fruitful for for the chain as it is portrayed in the film as an iconic American brand and a place of durability that can hold itself up despite the damage that Superman and Faora’s battle inflicts on it. Moreover, although Man of Steel is more bleak and less whimsical than other super hero movies, it will still attract a younger audience — and one that will likely beg their parents to visit IHOP for a late-night milkshake just because Superman does it in the movie. Of course if Superman likes IHOP’s milkshakes, they must like them too. Duh, Mom.

Though the film pokes fun at Superman’s boyhood bully by eventually employing him at IHOP, the company doesn’t take offense to the employment. IHOP’s spokesman explains to Bloomberg, “Well, I think it signifies a good career choice, personally. If you can’t be Superman, you might as well be another superhero…IHOP managers go above and beyond.”

Well played.


And like we said, IHOP is not the only company getting a debut on the big screen. Sears, the struggling department store brand,  is also getting a much-needed lift. Martha Kent, Superman’s mom, works at Sears, and in more violent news, at one point in the film Superman catches a locomotive and throws it into a Sears store.

Sears employees understand what this exposure means for their brand, and the company’s workers in Calgary, Alberta, decided to show their support for the film when they dressed as Superman on Wednesday and broke the world record for most people dressed as the Man of Steel in the same place. In case you are wondering, the record is now 566 Supermen and Superwomen.

Lastly, the film’s largest global partnership with Nokia affords Superman the opportunity to be one of the first with the Lumia 925. The phone will be released after Man of Steel’s debut, and the Superman logo may even be found on the back of 925 limited edition units — basically any 21st century kid’s dream. Who wants a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy when you can get the same smartphone Clark Kent has with a Superman logo on the back? As long as your parents are willing to shell out $700, you’ll be living the dream in no time.

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In short, the highly anticipated Man of Steel cost a whopping $225 million to make, but regardless of how it is received by audiences, it has already raked in $160 million from promotional partnerships. So if you’re headed to the theater this weekend, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some familiar brands. Then immediately go out and buy the same products.

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