How to Support Your Favorite Candidate Without Breaking the Bank

Donald Trump at a campaign rally

Donald Trump | Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

November is just around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking about how you can support your favorite candidate. Putting up a yard sign is one way to support a candidate, but some people feel a thrill when they support specific candidates by getting even more involved. You can give money to your favorite candidate, volunteer at your local party office, get the word out about your preferred candidate, or help in other ways.

Perhaps you are a strong Trump supporter, you prefer Hillary, or you despise them both or simply can’t decide. Remember that you can show support for local candidates in addition to, or instead of, national ones. With the rise of social media, you can help inform and influence other people for free, and there are many other affordable ways you can share your views or support as well.

1. Bumper stickers and signs

Signs are an easy and low-cost way to support a candidate. If you want to choose a bumper sticker, you will pay very little, and your options are endless. You can go for simple and direct, funny, angry, or pretty much any other message you want to convey. Although it might seem like a small way to show your support, name recognition is extremely important for candidates, and you never know who might see you driving around and decide to get educated about the candidate on your bumper.

Signs are another good way to get people’s attention. The problem is, unless you live on a busy street, only a small amount of people are likely to see your sign. Still, it’s worth putting one in your yard and hoping people spread the word. You can get signs from your local party office or online. States have different rules about when you can have signs up.

Lastly, consider making or purchasing apparel that supports your ideal candidate. You will be a walking advertisement.

2. Volunteer

Hillary Clinton giving a speech

Hillary Clinton | Bryan Thomas/Getty Images

Volunteering can be a great way to help local candidates. Candidates need people to walk door-to-door, help put signs up around town,  send mailers, and possibly make phone calls. Volunteering can also help boost your resume, make connections, and introduce you to the world of politics in case you ever want to run. If you know a candidate personally, then you can ask them how you can help. Otherwise, contact the local campaign office to see what your options are. Also, don’t get stuck thinking that local politics are not important; you may never meet Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in person, but you can really make a difference when you participate locally.

3. Spread the word

Saed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

Talking politics | Saed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

While it’s true that many states historically vote republican or democrat most of the time, you don’t have to be in a swing state to make a difference. If your district has a historically low voter turnout, then go out and spread the word. Get people to vote. If possible, get on Facebook or Twitter and share your opinions. Be tactful about it if possible; if you really want to reach people, try to share your opinion in an informative way with reliable sources to support your position.

You can share with people locally and nationally through these social media platforms, so you have an easy (and free) way to reach a lot of people. Create a YouTube Channel; if you’re smart, witty, entertaining, or crazy (at least as far as your video persona goes) you might just make a huge difference by reaching a lot of people.

4. Write a letter

If you read a lot of political columns, and you are excited about your opinions and you want to share them, then writing a letter to the editor is a great way to support your candidate. If you see an article or piece that you disagree with, you can respectfully write a letter stating why you disagree, and why you support the candidate in question. A well-written letter can influence voters as well. Include key issues that you think need to be addressed. Also, consider getting a group together to write multiple letters; you can make a huge difference by coming together.

It’s worth noting that another way to support your candidates is to give a monetary gift. However, there are cheaper, and possibly more effective, ways to support your favorite candidate.

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