Surprising Kitchen Items That Could Be Worth Money

You wouldn’t toss money in the trash, so why would you throw away your home goods without checking their value? Every room of your house has the potential to make you money, but the kitchen can be especially lucrative. Do you own any of the following kitchen items? If so, you may want to cash in soon.

1. Ball mason jars

Green with amber swirls Ball jar

One of the most sought-after Ball jar styles has amber swirls. | Bonz-eye via eBay

Look for: certain colors and errors

Mason-jar collectors know a vintage Ball container from the ones you can buy these days. If you have one of the more rare styles — like the green jars with amber swirls — in the back of your cupboard, you may be able to dust them off and sell each for $400 or more on a secondhand site.

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