Surprising Money-Saving Secrets Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You

A cruise ship vacation can be both luxurious and convenient: The fine dining and exciting entertainment are all rolled up in one package, for one price. But know that in reality, you have options for saving money while still having the time of your life.

Cruise lines might not always spell it out in black and white, yet there are plenty of unwritten rules to keep costs down. Read on for some valuable money-saving tips for your cruise vacation.

1. Get free Wi-Fi in port

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If you can manage, wait to use Wi-Fi when you’re in port. |

  • Daily cost of Wi-Fi aboard ship: $25 or more

Even though paying the cruise line for Wi-Fi access is cheaper than your carrier’s roaming fees, you’ll still end up paying a pretty penny. Some cruise lines charge $25 per day for Wi-Fi or more. This could add on hundreds of dollars to your vacation bill.

Rather than running up a huge Wi-Fi bill, take advantage of free Wi-Fi available when the ship is at port. At some ports, Wi-Fi is free at a welcome center or nearby McDonald’s and Starbucks. Crew members will likely be able to tell you all of these spots if you ask.

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