Tale of the Tape: The Darrelle Revis Holdout By the Numbers

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:DarrelleRevis.JPGWith the NFL season set to begin within the next week, the New York Jets finally signed their star player, Darrelle Revis to a new contract, ending what looked like a prolonged holdout in the making to many (although as a Jets fan, I must say that I remained unwavering in my belief that there was a 100% chance Revis would sign by the first game).  It was only last Thursday that Jason Cole at Yahoo proclaimed that the “Jets [are] in danger of losing Revis forever.”  Call that report the capitulatory bottom.  Let’s take a look at some of the key numbers that were at stake in this standoff between player and team:

$46 million: The headline number for Darrelle Revis’ four year contract extension with the Jets.

$32 million: With the NFL, the headline number means little beyond agent marketing brochures.  This is the amount of money that Revis is guaranteed to receive over the course of the new four year extension.  $26.5 million of that guarantee is divided in half between a guarantee for injury and a guarantee for skill.

36 days: Total “official” days that Revis held out after failing to report to training camp.  However, there were months of back-stage negotiations that preceded the “official” title.

$15,888: A daily fine levied on Revis for each day he did not report to the team.

$571,968: The total fine accrued by Revis during the course of his holdout, a sum that Revis now will donate to charity.

$550,000: Revis’ base salary prior to signing his new deal.

2011: The year in which Revis will receive the majority of his new money in the form of an $18 million option bonus.

$13.5 million: The maximum cap hit the Jets would take in any one year should the NFL and the NFLPA reach a labor agreement on a new salary cap.