Taxpayers Pay Millions to the Royal Family. Here’s How They Spend It

1. Renovations

Buckingham Palace

The palace will be getting a facelift. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

  • Cost: 19.7 million pounds

Raising the grant was mostly to fund the overhaul of Buckingham Palace. And royal renovations are no small feat. It takes more than a weekend of repairs to protect and preserve the monarchy’s historic art collection and other priceless features in the 775-room property. 1.3 million pounds were spent to repair structural damage on the state dining room ceiling. And an additional 1.2 million pounds were spent to replace the rotted Orangery Doors at Windsor Castle. But that’s all chump change in comparison to the real work. It’s expected that the total palace remodel taking place over the next 10 years will cost 369 million pounds.

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