Tech Biz Recap: Amazon Hits 1 TRILLION, Nokia’s Luxury Phone Unit

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) shares spike then back off, as it reaches a multi-year arrangement with Latin American movie distributor Telefilms, that will allow Hunger Games and other new films to be streamed in the region. The former claims that it now has over 1 million Latin American subs. Shares were pounded in April following its weaker-than-expected international sub guidance, and the firm warned that its international operations will require at least eight quarters to “reach sustained profits”.

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Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) claims that its S3 cloud storage service — which is used by Pinterest, Dropbox, and many other popular Internet services — now stores more than one trillion objects, and the count is growing by as much as 3.5 billion objects per day. S3’s tremendous growth is said to be propelled by aggressive pricing and integration with other Amazon cloud infrastructure services. Also happening now is the company’s intro of iOS apps for its cloud music player.

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) gets nearer to the divestiture of its Vertu luxury phone unit to Swedish private equity company EQT Partners, say sources to Bloomberg. The price of the deal is expected to be approximately $250 million, and proceeds should help Nokia slow its cash hemorrhage.

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