Tech Business Roundup: Microsoft GEARS UP for Windows Phone, Yahoo and Facebook Work for RESOLUTION

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) says that it would not reject the divesting of many of its approximate 30,000 patents in order to raise money, but intellectual property consultant Alexander Butler advises that the portfolio’s value might well exceed the firm’s market cap, which is currently estimated at $9.3 billion. The collection is said to include both numerous standards-essential 3 to 4 gigabyte patents, plus many innovations related to smartphone software, touchscreen interfaces, and phone design. In the meantime, Finnish Prime Minister Jykri Katainen issued a statement on Wednesday that ended speculation that the government would purchase Nokia shares to reinforce the company. At one time, Nokia comprised around 4 percent of Finland’s gross domestic product, but job cuts have shrunk that figure to below 1 percent.

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Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) polishes its big week with the intro of Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) at a developer’s conference. The device will support multi-core processors, removable memory cards, new screen resolutions, and other hardware improvements, due to a reconfigured kernel. As for software, improvements include Skype integration, new enterprise features, Nokia mapping software, NFC-based mobile payments, as well as the ability to customize live tiles.

Attorneys for Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) are indeed in discussions aimed at a resolution over patents, as it appears that the former’s interim CEO Ross Levinsohn wants the matter, which has done Yahoo much PR harm, behind him. The firm’s legal team has requested the court to grant a two-week extension on required filings, while the discussions are ongoing.

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