Technical Chart Analysis: Facebook’s Dead Cat Bounce

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) shares are FINALLY catching a breather. But don’t get too carried away. The selling has been so deep and severe, there will be dead cat bounces along the way.

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Just a dead cat bounce? Well, I would normally think the stock may try to create a bottom. However, now that the federal investigations and shareholder lawsuits are pouring in faster than shots at the bar on a Friday night, FB shares are destined to bottom at … well … you’re guess is as good as mine.

No matter where we guess, the bottom line is these are extremely negative catalysts for the stock. And catalysts are the key driver for stock prices. If you want a comp, take a look at Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN). The company has not been able to get out from under the dark clouds, and the stock has performed like shit for IPO investors. Unless you think a 60% loss is fair in a little over 6 months. OUCH!

Back to Facebook’s daily chart. The price range between $32.95 and $33.15 is still a major area of resistance. It’ll probably get another test. If not, keep your eye on yesterday’s lows as another scary place where shares could continue price discovery in the void.

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