Telling Signs Your Career is Going Nowhere

Very few people make it through life loving every day they’re at work. Every now and then, even if you have your dream career, you’re going to have a day that frustrates you or leaves you bored out of your mind. But what if work really is that terrible? How can you tell the difference between a bad day and a dead-end career? With help from Forbes and, these are 15 telling signs your career is going nowhere, including a toxic workplace behavior you should never tolerate (No. 10).

1. You can’t remember the last time work got you excited

Bored at work | AntonioGuillem/ iStock/ Getty Images

The occasional boring day at work is going to happen. But according to Forbes,  your career has likely come to a halt if you honestly can’t remember the last time your work brought you any kind of joy. If you don’t feel a sense of accomplishment from at least one thing on a weekly basis, your job probably isn’t going anywhere.

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