Thailand’s Tourism is Getting Crushed Amidst Deadly Protests


This week, a friend of mine was scheduled to take his first vacation in years … to Thailand (PCX: THD). As you can already guess, that trip has been canceled.

This morning the Thai Hotel Association announced that hotel occupancy in Bangkok is less than 30 percent full. In areas harder hit by the deadly protests, tourism is nearly nonexistent:

Occupancy in hotels on the Sathorn Road, near some of the worst violence, has dropped to as low as 10 percent, Prakit said, while the 517-room Dusit Thani Hotel in central Bangkok isn’t accepting reservations before May 24 after closing yesterday on security concerns.

Now that the US has setup specific strategies to lure more travelers to the States, we should start capitalizing on a ton of potential travelers who are looking for alternatives.

Would you travel to Thailand amidst the political upheaval? Let us know in the comments below …