The 10 Highest Risk Nuclear Power Plants in the US

The only thing on everyone’s mind is Japan (NYSE:EWJ). The next logical question is, “Can a nuclear disaster happen where I live?”

The EU got a head start on this issue. Austria has asked for all European Nuclear reactors to face “stress tests”. Germany and Italy are taking steps to migrate away from nuclear power.

In the US, “Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko made the rounds on Capitol Hill Monday in an attempt to reassure lawmakers that U.S. nuclear reactors can withstand major natural disasters.” But is he just pumping us with political rhetoric? Or, are we really safe?

The Daily Beast has put together an awesome report that rates the vulnerability of all 65 U.S. nuclear facilities based on safety records, potential disasters, and nearby populations. Here are the 10 riskiest:

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Now check out The Daily Beasts ratings on the remaining 55 nuclear power plants in the US.