The Baltic Dry Index Has Become a Falling Knife

The Baltic Dry Index lost 2.697% or 53 points to settle at 1912.

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Here is your Cheat Sheet for interesting news at marine transportation companies:

1) Baltic Trading Ltd. will pay 12 cents per share dividend for Q3. The dividend is expected to be paid on November 18 to shareholders as of November 11.

2) Green Reefers ASA and Seatrade Group of Companies signed an agreement to establish GreenSea Pool. The new company will have 48 ships in operation and equally owned by the 2 firms.

3) GC Rieber Shipping ASA will charter out M/V Polar Duchess (operated by subsidiary Armada Seismic ASA) to Dolhpin Group ASA for 3 years starting next April. Dolphin will cover $55 million of seismic equipment investment.

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