The Baltic Dry Index Took a Breather After US Jobs Report

Marine transporters faced some headwinds on Friday. The Baltic Dry Index retreated 4 points or 0.275% to settle at 1,449.

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Here is your Cheat Sheet for interesting news at marine transportation companies:

1) Jaccar Holdings exercised its option to purchase 40% of Eitzen Ethylene Carriers A/S, so Jaccar has 80% of the common stock now. Camillo Eitzen & Co ASA agreed to sell its 20% stake in Eitzen Ethylene.

2) Vilmaris GmbH & Co KGaA bought a container ship for $48.5 million. The ship is expected to be delivered in 2013, and then it will be chartered for 5 years to Hamburg Sued at a rate of $22,900 a day.

3) Swissco Holdings Limited incorporated Swissco International Pte. Ltd., its 100% owned subsidiary, in Singapore.

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