The Best Money and Career Advice We Gave in 2016

Are you working on your personal finance and career New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you’re hoping to finally get that big promotion. Or perhaps you want to pay off your credit cards once and for all. Whatever you hope to accomplish this year, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to make those resolutions come to fruition.

Money and career are top of mind when it comes to making resolutions for the New Year. Most respondents in a GOBankingRates survey (22.73%) said they wanted to save more money and spend less. Roughly 12.90% said they hoped to increase their income.

Taking charge of your finances and career is essential if you want to be successful. As 2016 quickly comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of the best advice we gave over the past 12 months. Our money and career team did its best to bring you valuable content to help you thrive in your career and reach your money goals. Here are 10 articles with some of the best money and career advice we gave in 2016.

7 Lies Employers Love to Put in Job Descriptions

Man applying for job on the internet with coffee on a table

Man applying for a job from a coffee shop |

We wrote about some of the sneaky ways employers try to lure job candidates by using language that gives them the opportunity to avoid delivering on the promises mentioned in a job description. In this article, we tell you about some of the hidden tactics used to offer lower pay, cheat you out of a promotion, or misrepresent the workplace culture.

Job Stability? 5 Types of Employees That Companies Don’t Want Anymore

Man working at his desk

Man working at desk |

In this article, we talk about the types of employees who tend to have a hard time getting — or keeping — a job. If you’re a work martyr, a lifer, or a worker with little or no experience, this article is for you. If you want to get a fresh start at your current job or improve your chances of finding your next one, heed these warnings.

6 Student Loan Forgiveness Options You May Not Know About

diploma and money

A diploma with money on top |

Are you drowning in student loan debt? If you are and can’t seem to dig your way out, you may want to investigate some of your available options. In addition to deferment and forbearance, you may also be able to take advantage of some of the loan forgiveness programs out there (if you’re eligible, that is). This article explains six of these options.

4 Purchases You Should Not Charge on Your Credit Card

man buying online with a credit card

Man making an online purchase with a credit card |

With more consumers going cashless these days, it’s no surprise that it becomes second nature to reach for the plastic, even when it comes to smaller purchases. Convenience often wins out over having to make a trip to the ATM to withdraw cash. However, there are some items you might not want to pay for with credit. This article tells you which purchases you’re better off making with cash.

5 Body Language Tricks That Will Make People Like You

woman in casual clothes, smiling

A woman looking excited |

Do you want people to like you? Then it will be important to pay attention to your body language. This article explains how to use your body to make others see you as more approachable. Before you know it, you’ll have more friends than your social calendar can handle.

10 Tricks Car Salesman Use That Everyone Should Know How to Handle

car salesman working

Car salesman trying to sell the car | Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Buying a car requires you to do your research and understand some of the tricks salesmen like to use. This handy guide will tell you exactly what these tricks are and how to respond. These tips may be able to help you avoid getting taken advantage of so you can get the best deal.

6 Household Products That Are a Complete Waste of Money

man shopping at the store

Man shopping at the store |

If you want to save your hard-earned cash, you’ll need to be careful how you spend your money. One way many consumers throw cash down the drain is by purchasing useless household products. In this article, we tell you about the top six household products that are complete money wasters.

5 Things You Should Never Buy at Walmart

Walmart store

Walmart |

Do you love shopping at Walmart? Unfortunately, there are some items you should avoid when shopping at this popular big-box store. Although the deals are great, not all of them are worth your money. This article tells you which products you should strike off your shopping list immediately.

Always Broke? 10 Things Debt-Free People Never Do

"debt" printed on a credit card

“Debt” printed on a credit card |

If you find you’re always scraping to get by, you’re probably looking to make a change. This article shows you exactly how to do that by listing some of the things people with little or no debt never do. Some of the behaviors you’ll need to stop right now are comparing yourself to others and not having a budget. 

This is the Worst Lie You Can Put on Your Resume

businessman working in his office

Businessman working in his office |

Looking for a new job can be quite stressful. One thing that can add even more stress to your job hunt is getting caught in a lie. This article will tell you the one lie you should never put on your resume.

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