The Best Social Media Posts That Cost People Their Jobs

What does your social media profile say about you? Think about it. If you were applying for a job, is there anything on there you wouldn’t want a current or potential employer to see?

Everyone has posted something on social media that later turned out to be a mistake. But some people haven’t just made “mistakes” with social media. They’ve actually posted things that have gotten them fired.

Keep reading to learn about a number of outrageous social media posts that actually got people dismissed from their jobs. You might wonder what they were thinking when they hit “Post” — and you be prepared to be shaking your head as you click through.

1. Not your typical banker’s post

HSBC bank in London

Hard to believe anyone thought this was OK. | Scott Barbour/Getty Images

In 2015, according to Rolling Stone, six bankers from Birmingham, England, decided to reenact, record, and post on Instagram a mock ISIS beheading. They went all out with costumes and method acting — and they were fired as soon as the clip circulated online. No big surprise there.

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2. Police liaison’s post

Silhouette of barbed wires and watchtower of prison.

He had only been on the job for a few weeks. | Gatsi/iStock/Getty Images

It wasn’t enough that Michael Allred — a Maryland state statistics official and police liaison — posted on Facebook “Visiting the prisons… haven’t been groped this much since the flight on the honeymoon… and this is just the guards.” Allred also tagged his boss and the prison, according to Rolling Stone. Sheesh, he might be a Darwin Awards contender.

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3. Houston hospital employee’s post

a female nurse in blue scrubs from the neck down, with a stethoscope around her neck, holding a piece of paper and a pen

The racist post got her fired. | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

According to Rolling Stone, a Houston hospital employee posted on Facebook, sharing her feeling about the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. She wrote, “The police need to just start mowing them down with machine guns, purge them.”

Someone contacted the hospital and to let her employer know what she posted, saying, “A hospital is a place where you’re supposed to have compassion upon people of all races.” Apparently, the hospital agreed, because the woman was fired posthaste.

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4. Taco Bell employee’s post

Taco Bell restaurant

Be wary of fast food. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

When Taco Bell employee Cameron Jankowski urinated on an order of Nachos BellGrande and tweeted a photo of it, he got fired. And he was surprised. After all, all he said in the tweet was, “Guess where I work?”

According to Rolling Stone, Jankowski was angry he was fired and said, “There are no laws saying what you can and cannot piss upon.” Jankowski should have taken a moment to review the case law on food contamination and indecent exposure — he might have eaten his words.

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5. Radio personality’s post

Matt Bonner #15 of the San Antonio Spurs

Someone is obviously a sore loser. | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When the San Antonio Spurs beat the Dallas Mavericks in a game, former major league pitcher turned radio personality Mike Bacsik got really angry — and took to Twitter. His tweet: “congrats to all the dirty mexicans in San Antonio.”

At first, he was suspended indefinitely for his comments, and later he was fired, according to Rolling Stone. At least Bacsik had the sense to apologize, saying, “Obviously, I made a terrible mistake. It was very bad and stupid on my part.”

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6. Childcare worker’s post

kids at a day care center

The worker got promptly fired. | Carsten Koall/Getty Images

A worker at a “Christian-based” childcare development center” in Newport News, Va., took to Instagram to mock the children in the center. One post showed a sad-looking boy with a caption that said, “I’m sick of this s***!!” Someone wrote below the comment, “He really looks like that’s exactly what’s he is thinking cuz he sure can’t talk. LMAO.”

Ahem: The child couldn’t talk because he had a speech delay. His mother found the post on Instagram and the center fired the person who posted.

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7. Communications director’s post

President Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey At Annual Ceremony with Sasha and Malia

Apparently she thought criticizing teen girls’ wardrobes was a professional thing to do. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Republican Rep. Stephen Fincher of Tennessee, had something to say to the Obamas’ daughters after she saw them looking bored during the yearly White House turkey pardoning ceremony. After she posted on Facebook, Lauten resigned before she could be fired, according to The Washington Post.

Lauten wrote, “Dear Sasha and Malia, I get you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re a part of the First Family, try showing a little class. At least respect the part you play. Then again your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department. … Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. And certainly don’t make faces during televised public events.”

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8. Paramedic’s post

White Fiat Ducato ambulance vehicle parked at the city street in Russia

Her actions were completely disrespectful. | DarthArt/iStock/Getty Images

Kirov, Russia, paramedic Tatiana Kulikova had a very strange habit. She took selfies with unconscious and sometimes dying patients while they were in the ambulance together, then posted them on Facebook. In one particularly horrendous post, she added the caption “another moron” to a photo in which she is flipping off a man who was in a car accident. In another post, she took a selfie with a man having a heart attack, adding the caption, “how I hate my job.” Luckily, she didn’t have to do it much longer, according to Rolling Stone.

Who doesn’t love a photo of someone on the toilet? That can be the only think that an employee at Deer Crest Assisted Living Home in Minnesota could have been thinking when she snapped a pic of a client on the throne and put it on Instagram. There was no problem with the home getting rid of the employee — the employee handbook states that any photos of residents are strictly prohibited.

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9. Teacher’s post

School classroom

Horrible and creepy. | maroke/iStock/Getty Images

This is almost unbelievable, but a Bronx, N.Y., high school teacher named Chadwin Reynolds posted pictures of several female students on Facebook with captions like, “this is sexy.” In addition, his FB tagline said, “I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look inside.”

According to Rolling Stone, he was fired.

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10. Three nitwits’ post

Trayvon Martin protest

Making light of a young boy’s death? Really? | Allison Joyce/Getty Images

When William Filene and Greg Cimeno decided to go out for Halloween dressed as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, someone else got fired. Caitlin Cimeno, mother of two, posed with them and posted it on Instagram.

Another Facebook user contacted Cimeno’s employer, only to hear that she had already been fired.

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11. Chief technology officer’s post

Ethan Jon Czahor

He brought personal experience to his app. | Ethan Jon Czahor via Facebook

Ethan Czahor, chief technology officer for Jeb Bush’s committee, Right to Rise, was forced to resign over some awful tweets about “sluts” and gays. He did try to delete his posts but the social media trail was etched in stone.

Perhaps one good thing came out of this one — Czahor later invented an app that scans social media accounts for posts that could get you fired. He certainly had the right experience to create the app.

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12. Hospital workers’ posts

They didn’t even give the hospital time to notify the families. | iStock/Getty Images

According to People, a hospital fired a number of people after a group of police officers were brought into its emergency room.

One of the officers was DOA and seven or eight employees posted condolences on their Facebook pages — naming the officer — before the hospital officially informed the family.

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13. Prospective employee fired before hired

Woman holding clipboard with drug test

That’s probably a red flag to employers … | Jupiterimages/iStock/Getty Images

People also recounted the story of a prospective employee for a company that found out he had the job — all he had to do was take a drug test. Someone at the company found a post of his on Facebook — 20 minutes after he found out he had the job — that said, “S***! Anyone know how to pass a drug test in 24 hours?!” That guy was fired before he was hired.

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14. Scared employee’s post

A UPS Store sign is seen on a door

A trip to the UPS store that ended badly. | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Another guy told People about his experience with being fired over a social media post. He said, “It was my first week on the job a week at a law firm, and had to ride with one of the female employees to the UPS store. She was a terrible driver, and almost wrecked multiple times. I posted on Facebook, ‘One week on the job and my coworker is trying to kill me; worst driver ever.’”

The next day the man’s boss called him into his office and showed him a printout of his Facebook post. He was fired on the spot.

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15. Worker’s tweet

The customer had his lawyer call the business. | Grigorenko/ iStock/Getty Images

One boss told People that he had to fire an employee for tweeting about a customer. The employee tweeted, “(customer’s full name) would be a great name for a porn star.”

The next day, the customer, who worked for a local newspaper and searched his name on social media daily, had his lawyer contact the business. The employee was fired.

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16. Electronics store employee’s post

Customers shop for electronics and other items at a Best Buy on November 27, 2015 in Skokie, Illinois. Many retail business across the country offer deep discounts to consumers on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which starts the holiday shopping season.

Posting anyone’s private information is a fire-able offense. | Joshua Lott/Getty Images

According to People, a tech assistant at an electronics store watched his coworker get fired for posting private information about customers on Facebook.

For example, she posted, “‘[Full name of actor] came into our store and bought this and this and has a black Amex card.”

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17. Post office worker’s post

Fleet of USPS mail delivery trucks

A threat to a government employee doesn’t go over well. | gk-6mt/iStock/Getty Images

Another person told People that a Facebook friend who worked for the post office posted that she wanted to kill her boss. She even added gory details about how.

Not only was the employee fired, the Feds showed up at her house to ask her some serious questions.

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18. Service member post

Close up studio shot of USA flag and U.S. ARMY patch on solders uniform

At the time, being openly gay could get you kicked out of the military. | Niyazz/iStock/Getty Images

One woman was discharged from the Army in 2005 for posting on MySpace. She told People that she had romantic feelings for another woman and had acted on them.

The poster’s sergeant was suspicious that she was gay and was checking her MySpace account. Three months later, she had the woman discharged for “homosexual conduct.”

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19. Games studio employee’s post

A frankly horrifying thing to say. | iStock/Getty Images

A games studio employee was fired, according to People, for posting on the company’s official forum. His discussion thread? “Whether disabled people would be ‘of as much value as pigs’ after a post-apocalyptic event, and if they should be simply slaughtered and eaten.” Smooth move posting that on a company forum.

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