The Best Ways to Save Money at Wegmans, America’s Favorite Grocery Store

The votes are in, and the shoppers have spoken: Wegmans is America’s favorite grocery store.

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside the store, then it’s clear why Wegmans edged out the competition to be named the most beloved store in the nation. Wide aisles, friendly employees, specialty products, delicious private label brands, fresh produce, and quick checkout speeds are just some of the reasons people love to shop there.

A family-owned legacy

Wegmans exterior

Wegmans | DanielPenfield/Wikimedia Commons

Wegmans began in Rochester, New York and remains family owned to this day. They only have East Coast locations so far, but over the past decade they’ve expanded significantly, building new stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Wegmans only looks expensive

Beautiful store, specialty cheeses… you might be wondering if Wegmans has inflated prices. Thankfully, they don’t.

While some competitors get accused of tricking you out of your “whole paycheck,” Wegmans can be a thrifty shopping experience if you know some of the tricks for saving money there. Here are a few of them.

  • Coupon doubling

Wegmans has competitive pricing to begin with. A huge bonus? They’ll also accept coupons and double them up to 99 cents. The only restrictions are that the face value can’t exceed the retail price and you can only use four manufacturer coupons on four of the same products in a single day.

Any coupon that’s for an amount higher than 99 cents is acceptable, it just won’t be doubled.

  • The Shopper’s Club

Like so many other grocery stores, Wegmans has a loyalty program that awards shoppers with personalized coupons and discounts. You can access your account on the app and keep track of lists and coupons that way. Membership in the shopper’s club comes with a free subscription to Wegmans’ Menu magazine, a surprisingly upscale publication that’s full of recipe ideas and editorial articles, too.

  • Use the app

Creating your shopping list in the Wegmans app can help save you money. Creating your shopping list at home will let you know the total amount you’ll spend before you even leave home. Then all you have to do is stick to that list while you’re there.

  • Buy the store brand

Some generic brands taste terrible. But most Wegmans private label items are fantastic, and in some cases, you may prefer them to national brands. No matter what, you’ll save money by swapping Wegmans branded merchandise for those pricier brands.

  • Skip the restaurant — eat dinner at Wegmans

You know those sad-looking salad bars at your local grocery store? They’re nothing like the amazing spread you’ll find at Wegmans. Rather than taking the whole family out for an expensive steak dinner — which can easily run you hundreds of dollars — head to Wegmans’ prepared food bar instead. There you’ll find a fresh salad bar, daily hot dishes and sides, a Chinese food section, freshly rolled sushi, pizza, subs, and a coffee bar. Enjoy your meal in the seating area.

  • Get a personal shopper

No time for shopping? You can order everything you want online and then just pull up and have it delivered into your car by employing one of Wegmans’ personal shoppers. There’s no minimum order and the convenience only costs $5.95 (which is way less than you’d probably spend on impulse buys throughout the store anyway). It’s not available in all locations yet, but it could be coming soon to a friendly neighborhood Wegmans near you.

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