The Case for Keeping Your Money Under Your Mattress

In an interview with Business Insider, Jeffrey Gundlach advises people that the safest way to protect their money in case of a crisis wouldn’t be their many investments, stores of gold (NYSE:GLD) or gems, but cold, hard cash (NYSE:UUP) — stacks of $100 bills kept in a shoebox. Gundlach says that, while a lot of people are investing in gold futures with the expectation that they will continue to steadily rise while the dollar declines (NYSE:UDN) to near zero, it’s currency, something substantive and immediately usable, that people need to keep on hand. Not only would it be a safety net in the event that derivatives blow up, but it would be a lot easier than shaving off a few grains of gold from a brick to buy your slurpee at 7-Eleven.

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