The Companies Offshoring Jobs at a Record Pace Under Trump

7. Merck

RAHWAY, NJ - NOVEMBER 29: A man walks by a sign at a Merck plant November 29, 2005 in Rahway, New Jersey. U.S. pharmaceutical giant Merck, announced plans to cut some 7,000 jobs, or 11 percent of its global workforce, by the end of 2008.

More jobs left New Jersey-based Merck despite the $1.6 billion in federal contracts from the Trump administration. | Marko Georgiev/Getty Images

Trump administration contracts: $1.62 billion
Outsourced jobs since 2016 election:

Things are about the same, only worse, for the workers at the second U.S. company with New Jersey headquarters on this list. Merck won $1.62 billion in federal contacts since Trump took office. Unfortunately, there were no guarantees about keeping that money — or the U.S. jobs it would theoretically create — in the country. According to jobs data, at least 254 Merck jobs left America since Trump’s election.

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