The Day 50 Oil Spill Trade: Buy the Beneficiaries of the BP Bust

As we have all witnessed the tragedy of habitat destruction over the past 50 days, it is important to digest and rethink your energy portfolio this morning.

How can anyone feel ‘good’ about owning BP (NYSE:BP) stock right now? Why would anyone want to stop at a BP gas station to continue supporting BP’s wallet with our money?

BP recently spent $50 million dollars on an advertising campaign to improve their image during a time of crisis. However, BP needs to apply that money directly to the problem: the gushing hole they created.

Right now, I strongly believe you should be reshaping your energy portfolio with companies that are in no way agents of this disastrous oil spill, but beneficiaries of BP’s market share. Here are 7 stocks you need to consider as a boycott to BP:

Chevron (CVX): $70.45 per share

Proctor & Gamble (PG): $61.19 per share

ExxonMobil (XOM): $60.48 per share

Shell (RDS-A): $51.23 per share

Occidental Petroleum (OXY): $79.49 per share

Marathon (MRO): $31.19 per share

Natural Gas (UNG): $8.19 per share

Your investment in other energy companies besides BP improves the future of our energy infrastructure and the environment in which we must live.

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