The Day Lehman Died

Schemin Brothers CEO Dick FuldAny day now the media will be abuzz with more “Lehman Death Anniversary” stories than trashy fear-mongering on Nancy Grace. I hope we fly flags at half mast — not out of respect for a great American icon, rather as a reminder how capitalism was literally water boarded to near-death by a bunch of cronies who hijacked the economy within which we all live real lives.

For that, I say fly the flag half mast. Let the younger folks ask why. Let it stand as a reminder that we’ve been fooled once on a colossal level and WE WILL NOT FORGET.

There were a lot of honest, hard working people at Lehman. If our system was truly capitalism under the rule of law, those people would have been rewarded while the thieves fell to the wayside. Unfortunately, whatever is our system, it led to the exact opposite result.

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