The Ford and Fiat-Chrysler Cars People Aren’t Going to Miss

When Ford announced itĀ  was discontinuing nearly every car it makes outside of the still-roaring Mustang, it wasn’t a total surprise. After all, Fiat-Chrysler made a similar move in 2016, leaving only SUVs, trucks, and a handful of passenger carsĀ behind.

So that left us wondering what consumers would miss the most from the iconic Detroit automakers. While there are some keepers on the way out (e.g., Ford Focus RS), there are also several duds that people will wish “good riddance” to as they exit the scene.

Here are eight models from Ford and Fiat-Chrysler that people won’t miss anytime soon.

1. Ford Focus sedan

Road shot of gray Ford Focus sedan, Titanium trim

2018 Ford Focus Titanium sedan | Ford

Even in its top trim (Titanium), the Ford Focus sedan (as opposed to the hatchback) was never an alluring car. It’s not necessarily this model’s fault; it’s merely another average product in a boring segment.

In fact, that’s why Ford is joining Dodge in discontinuing most of its offerings in the compact class. Focus Active, a sporty hatchback model, will be the only version available in America starting in 2019.

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2. Chrysler 200

2016 Chrysler 200

2016 Chrysler 200 | Chrysler

In the case of the Chrysler 200, we already know people don’t miss this one. It was one of the worst-reviewed cars prior to its demise in 2017, and the rest of the midsize sedan market rates superior.

Writing about the final redesign, Consumer Reports noted the 200’s “clutzy handling” and “cramped packaging” while pointing to better options from other automakers.

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3. Ford Taurus

ford taurus SHO

2017 Ford Taurus SHO | Ford

In 2018, Ford Taurus was on track to have its worst sales year in history. It would be an accomplishment if it sold even 40,000 units, or about half the number Ford moved in 2013.

Ever since Taurus transitioned from a midsize sedan to a large car, it has not been terribly popular. These days, no full-size sedan has much of any audience, and it’s doubtful tears will be shed on Taurus’s behalf.

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4. Dodge Dart

2016 Dodge Dart Limited | Dodge

Even before Dodge Dart production ended in 2016, the market was ready to say goodbye. Dart reviews were just as bad as those the Chrysler 200 got in those years, with most outlets expressing disappointment in one form or another.

Dart owners were even more hostile toward the car. Consumer Reports surveys showed Dodge’s compact posting the worst customer satisfaction and reliability ratings it could get for its four years on the market.

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5. Ford Fusion S/SE

Blue 2018 Fusion SE

2018 Ford Fusion SE | Ford

If you drive a Fusion Hybrid, you get great fuel economy. V6 Sport models deliver the power and handling. Fusion Energi (our favorite) goes electric for most trips around town. Finally, Titanium and Platinum trims offer style and comfort upgrades on each version.

That leaves the base Fusion S and SE gasoline models. While they did the basic function and had most of this model’s curb appeal, the interior of these cars was not a joy to behold. We doubt many people will miss them.

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6. Jeep Patriot

2014-6 Jeep Patriot

2016 Jeep Patriot | Jeep

When Jeep went to discontinue one compact SUV model in 2016, Patriot was the obvious choice. It was probably the ugliest model in the lineup and featured poor ratings for both safety and reliability.

Since the new Compass replaced it, you won’t hear anyone mourning the loss of the Patriot, and we doubt that will change.

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7. Ford Fiesta

2017 Ford Fiesta | Ford

While the Ford Fiesta ST had plenty of fans among the hot-hatch crowd, the standard models never won over a big chunk of consumers. In recent years, the numbers got even worse for Ford’s subcompact entry.

When a car posts terrible reliability ratings year after year, it’s hard to build much a following, and no one can accuse the Fiesta of being popular in 2018. After it goes, we doubt many will mourn its loss.

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8. Dodge Avenger

Street shot of midsize Dodge Avenger sedan, 2014 model year

2014 Dodge Avenger | Dodge

In 2014, Dodge Avenger exited the U.S. market, and few have considered it since. It was the brand’s version of Chrysler Sebring, one of the most hated cars of recent decades.

While no vehicle on this list will go as quietly as Avenger did in 2014, it hints at the way mediocre vehicles simply fade away. Even if you happened to notice an Avenger on the road, we doubt you’d feel any emotion at all.

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