The Highest Paid CEO in 2010 is Hitting the Jersey Shore

The highest-paid CEO in 2010 made more in 9 months than any other CEO during the entire year. That’s right. Move over Mike Sorrentino. The real “Situation” is CEO of Viacom (NYSE:VIABPhilippe P. Dauman.

Dauman raked in a fist-pumping $84.5 million for three quarters of work in 2010. “Viacom has said that the compensation was inflated by one-time stock awards linked to a long-term contract signed last year.”

It’s only fitting. The guy is connected to the white hot show Jersey Shore. Yesterday we reported the cast of that show just got a raise to receive ~$100,000 per episode next season. As show star Pauly-D says, “T-Shirt Time!” (Don’t Miss: “Jersey Shore: Gym, Tan, Laundry, Cash Money“)

We know what you’re thinking. “$84.5 million dollars! Shareholders got hosed.” While we would personally never own a company which feels the need to pay absurd amounts of money to one replaceable person, we have to respect that Viacom’s stock is up over 50% during Dauman’s tenure.