The History of Search, an Infographic

As the battle for Internet search engine dollars moves on to the newest frontiers in mobile, social networking, and Asia (Baidu vs. Google in China, and Google vs. Microsoft — Nasdaq: MSFT– in Japan are two examples), now is a particularly interesting time to take a look at the history of the business.  When I first started traveling the World Wide Web as a wide-eyed youngen, I was a dedicated AltaVista searcher.  Shortly thereafter, I transitioned to Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO).  All that was when search was just search.  As I hit my stride as a mature web browser, I made what now seems like the final transition to becoming a  loyal Googler (NASDAQ: GOOG).  No longer do I simply “search,” I now Google.

While that’s my personal web search history in a nutshell, Jess Bachman has put together a fascinating infographic called “The History of Search: A Timeline,” which highlights the transition of the industry from a nice Internet tool to a $20 billion global powerhouse of a business (hat tip to Boing Boing for the link).

Search Engine History.

Infographic by the PPC

Disclosure: Long GOOG, BIDU