The Lowest Paying Jobs You Can Find in America in 2018

With unemployment the lowest it’s been in decades, Americans are starting to focus on a bigger employment problems: low wages. People who make under $60,000 a year didn’t get much of anything from Trump’s tax plan, and employers haven’t handed out much in raises, either.

As the average worker looks to get a piece of this corporation-first economy, it all comes down to the job you land. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, many full-time jobs still don’t yield a living wage.

In fact, the numbers released in spring 2018 show dozens of professions with an average salary below $25,000 ($12.50 per hour). Here are the 15 worst-paying jobs Americans can get these days, ranked by median wage.

15. Childcare worker

kids at a day care center

Child care worker | Carsten Koall/Getty Images

  • Median wage: $10.72/hr

Workers who take care of children at schools, homes, and businesses fall under this job category, and the pay is not good. For a year’s work the median salary is less than $24,000.

Yet it’s how over 550,000 Americans make a living these days. Even at the job’s peak income, you won’t earn over $33,000.

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