These Are the Most Hated Retail Store Chains in America (Plus the Stores People Really Love)

A poor PR campaign or bad customer service is all it takes to give a store a bad name. And thanks to a new Harris Poll survey, we know the reputations of 100 companies according to consumers. These are the most hated U.S. retailers of all. One of America’s most popular brands is now on its last leg (on page 15).

15. Starbucks

A Starbucks cup

Starbucks lost its coffee foothold in 2018. | marcoprati/iStock/Getty Images Plus

  • RQ score: 73.94/100

In May 2018, the coffee purveyor faced a PR nightmare when two black men — who explained they were waiting for a friend inside the store — were arrested for “trespassing” in a Philadelphia Starbucks. Social media users called for a boycott of Starbucks, detailed by Business Insider.

In an attempt to recover its image, the coffee chain closed all stores to conduct racial-bias training for its 175,000 employees. Starbucks eventually settled out of court with the two men, who have not disclosed the settlement amount.

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