The Most Underpaid Job in America, Revealed

We’re all familiar with the whole “I don’t get paid enough to care” mentality even if you are, in fact, paid a competitive wage. But it’s easy to feel undervalued at work when your inbox is flooded, and your PTO day seems years away. Glassdoor reports that the average employee could be earning $7,528, or 13.3%, more per year than their current annual base salary. So, your suspicions of under-compensation might actually have legs if you work in certain industries like healthcare and technology.

Are you underpaid at work? How much more could you be earning each year? Gathered and reported by Glassdoor, here are the 15 most underpaid jobs in America.

15. Tax manager


Job opportunities for accountants will increase by 10% in the next 10 years. | Dutko/Getty Images

  • Amount underpaid: 13.9% or $17,330
  • Current Median Base Salary: $107,019
  • Job outlook: 10% growth

Tax advisors, CPAs, and financial advisors are all in high-demand. Job opportunities for Accountants, for example, are expected to jump 10% over the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, Glassdoor data says most of these people will be underpaid by a whopping $17,000 or more annually, as a tax manager’s current market value is actually slated at $124,349.

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