The 1 Thing Drew Scott and New Wife Linda Phan Asked for at Their Wedding and Why

Property Brothers star Drew Scott and Linda Phan got married in Italy on May 12, 2018 — after dating for six years. The couple was very specific about what they wanted as gifts, and hopefully their guests listened. Keep clicking to learn more about the couple, their wedding, and — on page 5 — their gift request.

1. Who is Linda Phan?

Drew-Scott-Linda-Phan HGTV

Drew Scott and Linda Phan | Drew Scott via Instagram

Most of you reading this know Drew Scott and his twin brother, Jonathan, as the stars of HGTV’s hit show Property Brothers. Drew Scott is marrying Linda Phan, and here’s what we know about her, thanks to Popsugar:

  • She serves as the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment.
  • She and Drew met at Toronto Fashion Week in 2010.
  • She is seven years younger than Scott.
  • She loves late-night food.
  • She loves to cook.

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2. The couple was dodgy with details

The couple had been engaged since December 2016. | Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Drew Scott and Linda Phan got engaged in December 2016, it took them nearly a year to divulge any details about their wedding, according to CountryLiving. In November 2017, all the couple would say is that they had settled on a spring wedding — sometime in May.

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3. Scott and Phan had quite the to-do

Drew Scott Linda Phan Wedding

Drew Scott and Linda Phan on their wedding day in Italy. | Drew Scott via Instagram

The couple was married in Italy’s La Piazza del Boao, an historical castle. Phan had two dresses — one for the ceremony, one for the reception — both made by designer Claire Pettibone. Scott wore a kilt — after all, he is Scottish — but changed into a custom, GotStyle tuxedo for the celebration. The couple’s friends and family spent an entire week at La Piazza del Borgo, which was a great way to really spend quality time together before the actual wedding.

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4. The couple’s first dance was impressive

Drew Scott and Emma Slate dancing in blue costumes

Drew Scott and Emma Slater on Dancing with the Stars. | ABC

Because Scott had a good run on Dancing with the Stars, he was adamant that his first dance with Phan be legendary, according to CountryLiving. Scott’s former dance partner Emma Slater and her husband, Sasha Farber, appeared on Property Brothers at Home, where they showed the couple some moves. Later, Slater and Farber actually choreographed Scott and Phan’s first dance.

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5. The couple’s ‘gift registry’

Drew Scott Linda Phan wedding registry

Phan and Scott asked that guests make donations to WE, an organization that provides clean drinking water in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. | Drew Scott and Linda Phan via

Scott and Phan skipped the standard registry, according to CountryLiving. Instead, they asked for everyone to donate to WE, an organization that provides people with clean water in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The couple decided they wanted to give back after they took a trip to Kenya, and every donation will go toward their goal of providing 50,000 people with clean water for life. If you’d like to make a donation, visit

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6. Wedding grub

Hamburger and fries

Late-night bites at the wedding included burgers and fries | Lisovskaya/iStock/Getty Images

Naturally, the couple had traditional Italian fare for the main course, but late-night bites at the reception included burgers and fries — and Yorkshire pudding, according to CountryLiving. The wedding cake featured four flavors — carrot, chocolate hazelnut, red velvet, and goat cheese and strawberry balsamic — and you can see it if you tune into the June 25, 2018, episode of Cake Hunters.

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7. The bachelor and bachelorette parties were surprises

Drew Scott Linda Phan cooking class

Both Phan and Scott were completely surprised by their pre-wedding parties. | Drew Scott via Instagram

According to CountryLiving, neither half of the couple knew anything about their pre-wedding parties. Scott’s crew took him on a scavenger hunt and Phan’s posse visited a UNESCO World Heritage site and then took an Italian cooking class. Both parties met up later for cocktails and karaoke, which was the perfect end to the evening.

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8. The wedding will be on television

Drew Scott Linda Phan wedding TLC

Drew and Linda Say I Do on June 2, 2018. | TLC via Instagram

Scott and Phan will be airing their weeklong wedding festivities in a TLC special, Drew and Linda Say I Do. The show will air on June 2, 2018, according to CountryLiving. Tune in to see all the details you now know about come alive.

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