The Real Reason You Haven’t Sold Your House Yet

It’s a good time to sell a house. Most areas of the country are experiencing what’s known as a “seller’s market,” with homes often receiving multiple offers above asking price, sometimes in a matter of hours. There’s no need for pricey home staging or multiple open houses – when the market is good, potential buyers will focus on all your home’s positives and ignore any flaws.

However, not every house that goes up for sale gets sold right away. And if you’re someone struggling to sell, it can be frustrating to hear about everyone else in the neighborhood earning top dollar for their houses while yours just sits there. Ahead, check out all the reasons your home might not be selling.

1. The photos are terrible

home staging

Home staging | krblokhin/iStock/Getty Images

There’s no escaping it: we live in a digital age, and if the online photos of your home aren’t enticing, then potential buyers may not even bother scheduling a showing. Your realtor should be able to help you take high quality photos that show off your home’s best features. Selling on your own? Hiring a professional photographer is worth the cost.

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