The Surprising Reason Why Going to the Grocery Store on the Weekend Is a Waste of Money, And When You Should Shop Instead

Weekends often mean running errands for most people. After a long work week, many consumers hit the grocery store or pick up meals for the week or other items like ice cream or booze.

But what if you found out you were totally overpaying when you shopped on Saturday or Sunday? Consumer shopping app Ibotta did a trend study to see when was the best day of the week to buy some common household items, Today reports. You’ll never believe how much money you can save on this product (page 5) just by shopping on Tuesday instead of the weekend.

1. This is why you should never shop over the weekend

Customers shop at an Aldi grocery store

Stores have no incentive to lower prices on the weekend. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

The real reason is basic economics. The flood of shoppers over the weekend gives grocers and retailers no reason to drop prices, Mic reports. “Saturday and Sunday were the worst or most expensive days to shop for most products, but had the highest traffic,” Bryan Leach, Ibotta’s CEO told Mic. So grocers and retailers keep prices high as items are flying off the shelf. Once the store has fewer shoppers, grocers consider a price drop.

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2. Grab your produce before the weekend hits

Woman pays for produce

Stock up on a broccoli before the end of the work week. | wherelifeishidden/iStock/Getty Images





Stock up on apples and broccoli on Friday to save about 1% Ibotta found. Even saving a small amount of money may be important, especially if you shop at a high-end grocer. You may also be able to save too if you buy organic produce too. And although saving a little something is better than nothing, Ibotta found consumers saved 3% buying produce on a Wednesday in last year’s trend survey, Mic reports.

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3. Save on snacks when you shop this day


Buy your snack foods on Thursdays. | eskaylim/iStock/Getty Images

If your family loves to snack or you need some munchies for an upcoming party, wait until Thursday to shop. You can save about 1% on snacks if you can hold out until Thursday. And while buying them so close to the weekend means snacks could be gobbled up on Saturday and Sunday, a Thursday purchase may mean your snacks last longer at home. Last year the day to save was a Friday, which probably meant they’d be gone long before Sunday even hit.

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4. Buy your carbs on this day

Sourdough Bread

You’ll save a bit on bread if you shop mid-week. | janetleerhodes/Getty Images

Consumers should be able to save about 2% on bread if they stock up on a Wednesday, according to Today. However, Friday was the better day to save on bread, according to last year’s survey. A loaf of fresh white bread costs about $2.32, according to Numbeo. You can also save by buying in bulk and freezing the loaves until you are ready to use them.

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5. Your brew will be cheaper on this day

a group of people clinking beer bottles together

Stock up on beers for your next party on Wednesday. | Kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Consumers can save about 1% if they buy their beer on a Wednesday. Which means you’ll have to plan ahead for the weekend happy hour. And although saving 1% is better than saving nothing, last year consumers saved a whopping 9% on beer when they shopped on Monday. What does the average liter of domestic beer cost? About $2.30, Numbeo reports.

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6. You still see decent savings on this vice

Two wine glasses

Wine is cheapest on Tuesdays. | ValentynVolkov/iStock/Getty Images

Girls’ night may typically be on a Friday, but you shouldn’t wait to stock up on wine. Ibotta found you can save about 4% if you buy it on a Tuesday. That means you can opt for the good stuff instead of going cheap. And while wine savings this year is still decent, shoppers saved 6% last year. Tuesday was also the best day to buy wine in last year’s trend saving survey. The average bottle of wine costs about $12, Numbeo reports.

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7. You can save on Friday to meet this craving

Three Bowls of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Ice cream is a bit cheaper on Fridays. | StephanieFrey/iStock/Getty Images

If the workweek blues hits hard on Friday afternoon you are in luck — at least if ice cream is what you crave. Ibotta’s latest survey found you can save about 1% on ice cream if you buy it on Friday.

However, this isn’t as good of a deal as what was tracked last year. Ibotta found consumers saved a lot more, like 9%, buying ice cream on a Monday versus Sunday, Mic reports.

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8. This expert offers advice on how to maximize savings

Woman on cashier counter

Shop for perishables at your local store and try Amazon or Walmart for nonperishable. | GeorgeRudy/Getty Images

Most grocery products go on sale Wednesday and Thursday, Phil Lempert from Supermarket Guru told Today. While those two days may be a good day to look for savings, Lempert says local grocers are applying the same strategies as online stores like Amazon where they use rolling pricing based on sales.

So if a perishable product doesn’t sell as much by a certain time during the day, the local grocer may drop the price before close of business. That means savings could pop up any time. Lempert advises consumers check out savings at Amazon or Walmart for nonperishables and then visit their local grocer for items with a short shelf life.

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