The Surprising Reason Why Many Women No Longer Want to Shop at Victoria’s Secret

Sales continue to slump at Victoria’s Secret, which includes a disappointing 2017 holiday season, according to Forbes.

Women are rejecting the once-crowded lingerie stores, although Leslie Wexner, the brand’s CEO, insists business is so good, he’s holding steadfast to brick and mortar retail locations. But is Wexner living in a fantasy, much like the one the brand strives to create for its audience? Here are the obvious signs that the store’s heyday is over, with page 5 revealing why women are just saying “no” to Victoria’s Secret.

1. Competition is heating up


Other companies are appealing more to millennials. | Aerie via Facebook

Victoria’s Secret was one of the only places where women could purchase quality lingerie. However, other stores became keen to the retailer’s model and created undergarment choices, which includes brands like Lively, MeUndies, and Tommy John, according to Fast Company.

Also, established retailers like American Eagle Outfitters created a brand of teen undergarments, which hedged directly into Victoria’s Secret’s teen line, Pink.

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2. Price is an issue

Grand Opening Of Victoria's Secret Shanghai Flagship Store

A lot of shoppers find the prices way too high. | Hu Chengwei/Getty Images

At least 58% of shoppers surveyed by Wells Fargo said prices at Victoria’s Secret are too high. The same bra that costs about $10 at WalMart goes for $48 at Victoria’s Secret, The Huffington Post reports.

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3. People spend less time at the mall

Victoria's Secret Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio Debut Dream Angels Fantasy Bra By Mouawad

Malls are a dying industry. | Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

Free online shipping, plus easy returns, are pushing more women to buy their intimate apparel online rather than at a brick-and-mortar store like Victoria’s Secret, Forbes reports. Trying on bras at home is a lot easier than being confronted with a noisy dressing room and possibly getting bad advice from a fitter.

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4. Women leave with a bad fit

Grand Opening Of Victoria's Secret Shanghai Flagship Store

Employees don’t seem to know what they’re doing. | Hu Chengwei/Getty Images

Two shoppers blogged about the countless times they were improperly fit at a Victoria’s Secret store. The women said associates would insist the fit was perfect, even though it was clear the bra did not fit properly.

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5. The brand hasn’t kept pace with the market

Victoria's Secret models

The brand focuses on the male fantasy. | Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Fulfilling men’s fantasies seems to be a higher priority than providing a service for women, according to Fast Company. Also, amid the #Metoo movement, the big Victoria’s Secret fashion events are now being seen as sexist.

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6. Victoria’s Secret turns off this demographic

Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Millennial women prefer body positivity. | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

Millennial women are rejecting the notion of the “sexy lingerie” image Victoria’s Secret portrays. Younger women are gravitating toward more positive body image brands, especially in light of how Victoria’s Secret models are pushed into trying to achieve unrealistic small body sizes.

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7. One big reason women shop elsewhere

Girl sitting on floor with sweatpants and leopard socks

Women want to be comfortable. | ISO3000/iStock/Getty Images

Women want a brand that appeals to them, which means they are rejecting uncomfortable and tight intimate apparel, Forbes reports. One former Victoria’s Secret bra fitter blogged about how the brand sells a poor quality product, with limited sizes that objectifies women.

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