The Worst Branding of All-Time

httpv:// Motorola (MOT) is attempting to recreate the buzz from their RAZR phone. When I first saw the Super Bowl commercial with Megan Fox (see left), apparently I was not focused on the product. After seeing a new commercial tonight, I’ve decided Motorola absolutely bombed so hard I would immediately fire the person in charge of branding.

The newish software is called MotoBLUR. My first reaction is “confusing”, “fuzzy”, and, of course, “blurry”. Aren’t these the exact opposite perceptions you’d like to create for people who are relying on you for sound, pictures, video, and organizing social media?

To make matters worse, the newest commercial for MotoBLUR says we can view Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace all on one tiny screen and then asks, “What do you get with MotoBLUR?” I answered the television, “Attention Deficit Disorder.”

For all you youngsters reading about those basic psychology principles which apply to marketing … they work. If you stray from those axioms and get too cute, your product will become a blur.