These 2 Airline Stocks Soared 7%

Despite the possibility of filing for bankruptcy decreasing, American Airlines (NYSE:AMR) faces a disadvantage against rivals. The accepted common wisdom says avoiding bankruptcy puts AMR behind it’s competitors because union leaders are set to battle for every dollar from the company. Union leaders contend this is not true, however.

Take a deeper look at competitors that might benefit if American prevents bankruptcy: Alaska Air Group (NYSE:ALK), United Continental Holdings (NYSE:UAL), Delta (NYSE:DAL), AMR Corp. (NYSE:AMR), US Airways (NYSE:LCC), Hawaiian Holdings (NASDAQ:HA).

Amid issues such as tackling labor costs, American Airlines’ (NYSE:AMR) decision to pare back capacity has helped lift it’s shares 8.2% higher. However, in September traffic increased 7.6% for its competitor JetBlue (NASDAQ:JBLU). The low-cost airline’s load factor declined 0.8 points Y/Y, to 79.8%.

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