These 5 Stocks Are Making Waves Today

US Markets closed slightly lower as investors are still undecided in this current market.

Here are a few of today’s most active stocks trading pre-market:

1) Jabil Circuit Inc. (NYSE:JBL): Shares of the worldwide electronic manufacturer are up $1.59 or 8.40% after announcing as Q2 earnings rise of 86%. The rise came on increased sales that even beat their own optimistic estimates. The company also predicts better-than-expected earnings for the current quarter.

2) Adobe Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE): Shares of the software provider are down $0.31 or 0.94% after warning of possible weakness in the current quarter resulting from what has happened in Japan. However, fiscal Q1 earnings rose 84% on increased revenue.

3) Discover Financial Services (NYSE:DFS): Shares of the banking and payment services company are up $0.32 or 1.44% after issuing a strong fiscal Q1 earnings report. Also, consumers continued to use their cards at an increasing rate.

4) Sonic Corp. (NASDAQ:SONC): Shares of the drive-in restaurant chain are up $0.02 or 0.22% after announcing that its fiscal Q2 earnings were positive on positive sales growth. However, the company’s results did not meet analyst expectations.

5) G-III Apparel Group Ltd. (NASDAQ:GIII): Shares of the apparel manufacturer are up 1.9% after reporting a Q4 earnings rise of 37% on increased sales revenue. Margins declined for the second consecutive quarter.

Keep these stocks on your watch list for today’s trading. Good luck out there!