These 9 Stocks Hit 52-Week Lows As Nuclear Fears Rise

Here are 9 stocks that hit their lowest price in the past 12 months. Note that this list excludes all stocks with a market capitalization less than $10 billion:

  1. Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO): Down 2.58% to $17.39. Cisco Systems, Inc. supplies data networking products for the Internet. The Company’s Internet Protocol-based networking solutions are installed at corporations, public institutions and telecommunication companies worldwide. The Company’s solutions transport data, voice, and video within buildings, across campuses, and around the world.
  2. General Motors Corporation (NYSE:GM): Up 2.41% to $32.35. General Motors Co. manufactures and markets new cars and trucks. The Company offers features for special needs drivers, OnStar vehicle protection, service, parts, accessories, maintenance, XM satellite radio, features for commercial owners, and more. General Motors offers its vehicles and services worldwide.
  3. Kinross Gold Corporation (NYSE:KGC): Down 2.83% to $14.79. Kinross Gold Corporation is involved in the exploration, development, and production of gold in countries located around the world. The Company currently has operations in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Russia.
  4. Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI): Down 0.37% to $29.88.
  5. China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (NYSE:LFC): Down 2.36% to $56.62. China Life Insurance Co., Limited offers a wide range of life, accident, and health insurance products and services.
  6. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE:MTU): Down 1.02% to $4.83. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG) is a holding company established through the merger of Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group and UFJ Holdings. As a financial group, the Company provides a variety of financial and investment services including commercial banking, trust banking, international finance, and assets management services.
  7. Nidec Corp. (NYSE:NJ): Up 1.69% to $20.51. NIDEC CORPORATION is the world’s leading manufacturer of small precision motors, representing a 75% share of the global market for motors used in HDD and optical disk drives. The company has extended its focus to the home appliance and automotive markets. NIDEC is active in M&A and its subsidiaries include the worl d’s leading manufacturers of LCD panel handling robots and camera shutters.
  8. Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK): Down 2.89% to $8.06. Nokia Corporation is a player in the mobile industry. The Company makes a range of mobile devices with services and software that enable people to experience music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games, business mobility and more. Nokia also provides equipment, solutions and services for communications networks.
  9. Panasonic Corporation (NYSE:PC): Down 4.95% to $11.53. Panasonic Corporation manufactures electric and electronic products. The Company produces home appliances, audio & video, computer peripherals, telecommunications, industrial equipment, and electronic parts. Panasonic has associated companies around the world.

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