These Are the Most Bizarre Crimes Ever Committed at Walmart

What happens in Walmart really, really should stay in Walmart. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

You’ve seen pictures of oddly — scratch that, make it insanely — dressed people who wander around Walmart. So you might think that nothing that happens there could shock you. Don’t be so sure.

You’ve definitely heard about outlandish crimes happening at Disneyland and on cruise ships. Now it’s time to explore the craziest crimes that could happen only at, well, Walmart.

1. The sock thief


He probably should have stolen a few other items as well. | Issaurinko/iStock/Getty Images

According to the Daily News, in 2016 a 300-pound man named Verdon Lamont Taylor walked into a Pennsylvania Walmart buck naked and stole a pair of socks. The cameras outside the store showed footage of Taylor removing his clothes in the parking lot before he walked into the store, put on a pair of socks, and tried to leave.

The police arrived and used a stun gun on Taylor after he spit in an officer’s face, and he was taken away in an ambulance — restrained. Held on $50,000 bail, Taylor was charged with aggravated assault, indecent exposure and theft.

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2. This woman made Walmart her personal buffet

Red wine glasses and bottle on stone table. Top view with copy space

One woman brought a bottle of wine to Walmart, then helped herself to some snacks.| karandaev/iStock/Getty Images

A Lecanto, Fla., woman, 25-year-old Josseleen Lopez, was a weirdo. According to the Daily News, she entered her local Walmart on a motorized shopping cart — with a bottle of wine in her hand.

She must have had the munchies because she started grazing of various foods and putting them back on the shelves when she was finished. After a hearty meal, she was arrested for stealing $32.36 of food. Police found three empty needles in her bags, which she told them were for “shooting up meth.”

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3. This guy did the unspeakable


The man assaulted another Walmart customer in a very disturbing way. | Niloo138/iStock/Getty images

A man in a New Castle, Del., followed a woman around the store and threw semen at her buttocks and legs, reported the Daily News. Frank Short Jr. was arrested after the woman called the police. He was charged with lewdness, disorderly conduct, and “touching another person with saliva, urine, feces or other bodily fluid.”

At first, Short claimed he had a cold and had mistakenly shaken some phlegm off his hand in the direction of the woman, then he said he spit into his hand and accidentally threw it at the woman. At last it came out that the mystery fluid was actually semen, which Short threw at the woman because “he was sexually attracted to her.”

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4. Man cow steals milk

Milk Bottle

The thief was dressed in a cow costume. | kuarmungadd/iStock/Getty Images

According to the Daily News, a Virginia man stole 26 gallons of milk from his local Walmart. The man was dressed in a cow suit.

Jonathan Peyton was 18 years old in 2011 when he dressed like a cow, loaded up his cart, and tried to leave the store. When he went across the street to a McDonald’s the police arrested him.

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5. This woman couldn’t get her story straight

Smoking Marijuana

Maybe the drugs were the reason she was acting so weird? | MrKornFlakes/iStock/Getty Images

One Tulsa, Okla., Walmart denizen thought it would be a good idea to use phony gift cards at the store. According to Bloomberg, in 2016, an employee caught the woman with the cards and the woman started acting very strange.

She said she got the cards from a friend, then she claimed she had just gotten out of the hospital, next that she was dehydrated. Last, she fake vomited into a trash can. The store detective found pot in her bag and when he checked her out he found five outstanding warrants for her arrest.

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6. This Walmart shopper showed a burst of genius

Fire Crackers

The customer set off fireworks in the store. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A 24-year-guy in Florida decided to put on a fireworks show. In the electronics department of a Gainesville, Fla., Walmart, according to Business Insider. He went into the store at around 11 p.m. and used his lighter to set off the fireworks. Thankfully, no one was injured.

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7. A hungry shopper


The man apparently had a hankering for surf and turf. | fermate/iStock/Getty Images

Allen Buck went into a Greenville, N.C., Walmart, according to Business Insider, where he tried to steal some items. The 62-year-old Allen tried to pinch beer, perfume, paper towels, shrimp, and six ribeyes, which came to about $80 worth of stuff. Buck was charged with misdemeanor larceny.

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8. A wannabe thief gets tired mid-crime

couple paying

A drunk man threatened a Walmart cashier. | michaeljung/iStock/Getty Images

A man was arrested in a South Carolina Walmart, according to Business Insider, when he went in with a gun and threatened to “shoot up” the store if the guy at the register didn’t let him leave the store with a shotgun. When the police came he was sitting on an aisle floor and, according to the report, he appeared drunk.

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9. This guy is dumb and perverted


A creepy Walmart shopper targeted young girls. | jetcityimage/iStock/Getty Images

According to the website Crimewire, one Pennsylvania Walmart shopper had a very strange habit. He liked to hide a camera in his shopping cart and follow young girls around, videotaping them.

Scott Nicolls, the budding videographer, told investigators that he had dozens of videos he had taken of young girls walking around Walmart.

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10. Woman makes getaway on scooter

Shopping cart at walmart

A motorized scooter might not be the best getaway vehicle. | snyferok/iStock/Getty Images

One woman visited a Tennessee Walmart on her motorized scooter. Then she loaded a flatscreen TV into her cart.

Next thing you know, according to Crimewire, surveillance cameras showed her dragging it behind her scooter in a cart. Amazingly, she got away with it.

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11. A mob scene happened at this Walmart

Waffle Iron

People really wanted those cheap waffle irons. | LucBrousseau/iStock/Getty Images

What was the Little Rock, Ark., Walmart management thinking it offered a waffle iron for $2? Apparently, not a “crime” scene.

When the store in question ran the special, customers ran to the store, according to Crimewatch. The crowd rushed the store en masse to get waffle irons before they sold out. OK, this might not be technically illegal, but lots of people were banged up and bruised. No one was arrested, but many should have been.

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12. This guy was super stuck

White toilet bowl

A nasty prank led to an unpleasant situation. | ThanaphatSomwangsakul/iStock/Getty Images

An Elkton, Md., Walmart shopper went to use the restroom. When he sat on the toilet seat, he didn’t get up. Someone had covered the seat in super glue — and he got stuck.

Police reported he had to be removed by emergency personnel, according to Crimewatch, and that if the perp were found he could have faced charges of second-degree assault.

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13. A seriously mad customer

White Bleach

A woman poured bleach on another customer. | design56/iStock/Getty Images

When 33-year-old Theresa Monique Jefferson went into a Baltimore Walmart she must have gotten very, very mad at someone. That’s why she deiced to pour bleach and Pine-Sol all over another customer, according to Crimewatch.

All havoc broke loose and the store had to be shut down for several hours. Nineteen people went to the hospital — and Jefferson turned herself in to local police.

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14. A not-so-nice family shopping trip


A woman attacked a Walmart employee with a box cutter. | Wolterk/iStock/Getty Images

When 22-year-old Quintella Brown took her 13-year-old nephew and 12-year-old niece to Walmart on Christmas Eve they got caught trying to steal. That’s nothing new at Walmart. What happened next is.

Brown, when caught by security, whipped out a box cutter, according to Crimewatch. She slashed one of the Walmart employees across the chest, then bit another one on the shoulder. The employees managed to detain her, and she was charged with aggravated robbery. The children were also arrested and taken to a local juvenile detention center.

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15. Lawless upholds law

Bottle cart

One Walmart shopper took matters into her own hands when some thieves tried to steal some cases of beer. | FooTToo/iStock/Getty Images

When three brothers, aged 19 to 21, visited their local Texas Walmart in 2011, they weren’t looking for laundry detergent. They grabbed a bunch of cases of beer and fled the scene — at least they tried.

Shopper Monica Lawless saw the guys and was not having it. She chased them after leaving her purse with the cashier, according to the Huffington Post.  The Alvin, Texas, single mom ran out of the store and jumped on the thieves’ car. They kept going and she lost her grip, but she slowed them down enough to give police the opportunity to find and arrest them. Police charged them with a felony evading arrest and aggravated robbery.

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