These Fitness Gadgets Are a Total Waste of Money

We try our best to have a regular workout regimen and maintain a fit lifestyle. But even the most avid exercisers fall victim to scam products claiming to make them more fit in a shorter span of time. But buyers beware — many self-proclaimed “wonder products” are nothing more than a poor use of your funds. Here are 15 fitness gadgets that are a total waste of money.

Ab toning belt

Vibrating ab belt | SeenOnTVStore via YouTube

Price: Around $70 on Amazon
Long story short: There’s no miracle contraption that can give you a flatter stomach without you working for it. And the idea you can get chiseled abdominals by sitting on the couch and wearing a vibrating belt is just plain ludicrous. You’re better off buying a pair of Spanx than investing in this scam.

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