These Luxurious Yet Affordable Aldi Products Need to Come to the United States

You might have heard grocery chain Aldi sells some pretty luxurious non-grocery products. These are knock-offs of designer goods that come dangerously close to (sometimes reportedly even better than) designer department store brands. It’s obvious from social media these thrifty products have quite a following. But there’s a catch: They’re not sold in the U.S.

Aldi is based in Germany, and the discount supermarket chain is known for selling some items in certain countries and not others. Here are eight products sold at Aldi stores in Europe that we hope make it to the U.S. really soon.

1. Luxury Fragranced Candle

Candle set aldi

The knockoff is a pretty great dupe. | Aldi

  • Compared to: Joe Malone London
  • Price of Aldi candle: $5.55
  • U.S. department store price of Jo Malone candle: $65

These 7-ounce candles are compared to those from luxury brand Jo Malone, which sell in U.S. department stores for $65 each. The Aldi brand comes in three scents — Pomegranate Noir, Freesia & Pear, and Lime Basil & Mandarin — and they sell for just $5.55 each.

Aldi’s knockoff candles are created by the supermarket’s “team of expert perfumers.” They look just as impressive as the real deal; but they did not burn as evenly or smell as strongly during a comparison done by Jenny Frances from The Sun. Still, for less than one-tenth of the designer price, it would be well worth a try in our book.

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2. Suddenly Madame Glamour perfume

Suddenly Glamour perfume

It is the scent of Chanel at a fraction of the cost. | Amazon

  • Compared to: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
  • Price of Lidl perfume at Aldi: $5.55
  • U.S. department store price of Chanel perfume: $75

Aldi doesn’t manufacture Lidl brand products, but it often sells them. For this perfume, the bottle design and the scents are similar to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but the Chanel brand costs 15 times more than what you’d pay for the Lidl brand at Aldi. Both perfumes feature citrus and floral top notes and ingredients like rose and jasmine.

“For [the price] you really can’t complain,” said British YouTuber Emma Mumford, who did a side-by-side comparison and found the Chanel version to be slightly sweeter smelling than the Lidl brand. “They are very similar.” We did find the Lidl brand on Amazon, but at a much higher price than that of Aldi U.K., of $27.

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3. Ballycastle Irish Cream

Ballycastle Aldi

It’s smooth but not as thick. | Aldi

  • Compared to: Baileys Irish Cream
  • Price of Aldi brand: $5.96
  • Price of Baileys in U.S. stores: $19.99

Aldi U.K. sells a 700-ml bottle of its Ballycastle brand Irish cream for three times less than what Baileys sells for in most U.S. stores. How do the tastes stack up? Francis from The Sun actually preferred the Ballycastle brand, describing it as creamier. Another tester described the Aldi brand as smooth to taste but not as thick as some other Irish cream brands.

While you’ll certainly pay less for the Aldi brand, it’s worth a mention that the name brand of this whiskey- and cream-based liqueur contains 17% alcohol, whereas the Aldi brand contains only 12%.

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4. Lacura Cellular Science day cream

Lacura skin science day cream

It even contains SPF. | Aldi

  • Compared to: No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Day Cream
  • Price of Aldi brand: $9.71
  • Price of No7 version in U.S. stores: $27

 With dozens of day creams on the market today, you may be tempted to try out the cheapest version. That just might be Aldi’s Lacura cream, priced around one-third of the No7 brand sold at stores like Target and Amazon. The Sun’s Francis actually chose the Lacura brand as the winner between the two, saying it left her face feeling noticeably softer.

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5. Deep-Cleansing Nose Strips

Derma10 nosestrips

They are a fraction of the price of the cost of Bioré. | Derma V10 via Twitter

  • Compared to: Bioré Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
  • Price of Poundland brand at Aldi: $1.39
  • Price of Bioré brand in U.S. stores: $5.64

These Poundland brand pore cleansing strips sold at Aldi are one-fourth the price of the Bioré brand. The strips are said to adhere to dirt and oil in hard-to-reach areas of the face. Online, reviewers said both brands look the same and do the job just as well – making the Poundland brand the clear winner.

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6. Makeup brushes

Poundland makeup brushes

They’re worth the price. | Poundland

  • Compared to: e.l.f. 6-piece brush collection
  • Price of Poundland set of makeup brushes at Aldi: $1.39
  • Price of e.l.f. brand: $18

While the Poundland brand makeup brushes aren’t the most high-end products, some reviewers have rated them “soft” and worth the money. Others have said they don’t shed bristles or feel scratchy. They cost only a fraction of what you would pay for a comparable set of makeup brushes from e.l.f.

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7. Lacura Cellular Skin Science eye gel

Lacura skin science serum

The eye gel is not quite as good as clinique, but for the price it is hard to beat. | Aldi

  • Compared to: Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment
  • Price of Aldi brand: $8.32
  • Prince of Clinique version: $49.50

We’ve talked about the Lacura day cream. Another Lacura product sold at Aldi is an eye gel. This one is six times cheaper than its Clinique drugstore counterpart. It’s worth noting The Sun’s Francis did not prefer this Lacura product over its competitor, however. While both produced results, Clinique’s product firmed up her skin better, she reported. But for those on a budget, Lacura’s product might just be worth a try.

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8. Wine Advent Calendar

Wine Advent Calendar

The advent calendar was a hit. | Aldi

  • Price: $67

Aldi released a Wine Advent Calendar during the Christmas 2017 season. The product contained small, 200-ml bottles – in all, the equivalent of over six bottles worth of wine — averaging around $11 per bottle. Wines included were from France, Italy, and Spain. It all was packaged in a festive-looking box.

A mini-outcry erupted from the U.S. when the product only released in Europe. American Aldi shoppers pleaded for the product on Aldi’s Facebook page. “I wanted to deck my halls with boxes of your wine Advent calendars but you decided not to sell them in the US,” one user commented. “This is crushing.” All we can say is, maybe next year.

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