These Are the 13 Things People Steal From Grocery Stores All the Time

You’re not a thief, are you? We hate to tell you, but maybe you are. You might not think much of swiping a sugar packet at the restaurant, but they’re some of the little things almost everyone takes and don’t think about twice. It’s not as brazen as taking the curtains from your hotel room, but it’s still stealing. Grocery stores dominate the list of the most-loved retailers in America, but they’re not immune to shoplifting.

You’ll never guess which 13 items people steal from grocery stores all the time. (We seriously don’t know how they get out the door with item No. 3.)

13. Cigarettes

Man smoking a cigarette

Man smoking a cigarette | Studio

  • If your grocery store carries cigarettes, someone is stealing them.

Cigarettes are unhealthy and destroy your body in several ways, and most stores that sell them keep them behind the counter. Still, they show up as one of the most frequently stolen items out there, according to a report from Clark. What we can’t figure out is how they do it.

Next: Stealing this item gives shoplifters the fuel they need to outrun store security.

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