4 Things That Are Too Damn Expensive These Days

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There are a lot of things that are cheaper now than ever before. For example, in many places the price of organic food has gone down because of the increase in demand and because of store competition. However, if you are having trouble saving money, even cheaper items can cause problems for your budget. There are many things that are still just too expensive, and unfortunately for many people these items are a necessity (or at least, a serious want or desire).

You can spend a great deal on simple toiletries, or splurge on handmade gifts that could be purchased cheaply elsewhere. Comparing prices and shopping around helps. Sometimes it’s necessary to spend some money to get a quality product, but still, there are some items that are still just too expensive. Let’s take a look at four of them.

1. Handmade items and gifts

Etsy is a pretty fantastic site, and a lot of wonderful products are made on it. However, you will pay top dollar for many of the items on the site. While your girlfriend or wife might appreciate a handmade gift more than one you pick out at the store, common sense suggests that it isn’t worth paying a ridiculous fee for something that you can buy for less. While artists should be paid for their craft, many of the items on this site are just way too expensive. The same is true at fancy boutiques. If you really want a homemade or one-of-a-kind item, you’re better off trying a farmer’s market. Several organizations also sell jewelry and other crafts to fundraise for worthy reasons, and these can make even better gifts. If you must use Etsy or a similar site, save money by buying local.

2. Toiletries

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It’s important to be well groomed and take care of yourself, especially if you have an important meeting or date. However, there are so many grooming and basic toiletry products now that you can easily spend a lot of money without meaning to. It’s great to smell nice, but between deodorant, aftershave, and cologne, you can spend a small fortune. Many of these items don’t need to be replaced regularly, so you can save money by only using what you actually need. Also, items like toothpaste and floss can be purchased at dollar stores, which will leave you with more money for the nicer items you want to purchase.

According to the Art of Manliness, you should have a Wet Shaving set, cologne, Gold Bond, Mouthwash/Tongue Scraper, and a quality hair product in order to have all the essentials.

3. Food

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Everyone has to eat, and unfortunately, food can be very expensive. While some prices have gone down, food isn’t cheap overall. According to the USDA, the all-items Consumer Price is 1% higher than May 2015, and food prices are 0.7% above May 2015. The food-away-from-home CPI is 2.6% higher than May 2015, meaning all food prices have increased in the past year. Egg prices also rose 17.8% in 2015.  Scrambled eggs and omelettes are a nice addition to a meal, but they’re not good enough to pay an extra 17.8%. If you want to save money on food, buying bulk can help, and so can shopping during sales.

4. Everyday conveniences

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Enjoying a delicious latte in the morning is a great way to start off your day, but the cost might not be worth it in the long run. Dining out and paying for extra TV channels also add up over time. The creation of Sling TV has certainly helped cut costs, as have the individual provider channels, but unfortunately, these providers only work out well if your internet connection is consistent. Even $15 a month adds up over time; you might be better off renting a free DVD from the library or using Netflix’s streaming option. There are so many everyday conveniences that are fun or easy, but when you sit down and think about how much you are spending each day (or week), and how much you will spend over time, they just don’t seem as convenient anymore.

Honestly, there are a lot of things that are just too expensive now. Haircuts are another example. Sure, you can go to a quick place where it might cost a little less, but still, is $15 for a trim really that cheap? No, it isn’t. There are just too many items nowadays that are expensive, and unfortunately, if you cut the price, sometimes you also cut the quality. The good thing is that isn’t always true.

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