7 Tempting Things You Should Never Buy at the Dollar Store

3. Food

Barbecue Chicken Wings

The food at the dollar store may not be a great deal. | iStock.com/bhofack2

Is your grocery budget tight? You may want to visit a traditional grocery store. It’s best to stay away from discount food items — especially meat. It’s hard to tell how long the food has been in the store, so you could be taking a gamble with your health. Shopping expert Trae Bodge told PIX 11 News that consumers should avoid purchasing dollar-store food at all costs.

Don’t get the food. Some dollar stores are selling produce now. Pass it by, because they’ve been bumping around in a truck for ages … we don’t know where [the food] is from, we don’t know what’s in them, we don’t know the brand, how it’s going to taste, or how fresh it is, so I would definitely avoid the food,” warned Bodge.

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