You Should Never Say These Things to a Cop After Getting Pulled Over

Jim Carrey in Liar Liar gets pulled over.

Jim Carrey gets pulled over in Liar Liar. | Universal Pictures

If you like to drive fast cars, you’ll probably get pulled over by a cop at some point. Even the most law-abiding citizen finds it hard to stay under 55 in a brand-new Corvette or Mustang GT. As long as you weren’t driving recklessly and pay your ticket, you probably won’t give it a second thought (at least until your insurance rate rises).

Whatever happens, you don’t want to make things worse at a traffic stop or highway checkpoint. Knowing how to deal with a police officer can be the difference between going to jail and receiving a warning. In the most extreme cases, you might even avoid physical danger depending on your choice of words. Here are 18 things you should never say to a cop after getting pulled over.

18. ‘Is this really the best use of my tax dollars?’

Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Reckless driving can be dangerous for the community. | Ford

Taxpayers do pay the salaries of cops, but reminding them of the fact will not get you out of a ticket. Usually, it just guarantees the cop will get angry, and you will end up with the maximum fine for your violation. There’s another way to look at it, too. At least in theory, cops aim to limit the impact of negligent driving. Saving pedestrians and other innocent people from reckless drivers is actually a decent way to spend tax dollars.

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